Top 4 Romantic Places in Paris City for Sightseeing

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Romantic Sightseeing Places

Paris is a perfect roaming place for couples, who are on here on a romantic holiday. There is nothing quite like an extensive walking through the cobblestone streets in the City of Lights, soaking in splendid views of the cityscapes and the landscapes. Below are top 4 tourist destinations to explore when on Paris tours with your significant other.

River Seine

Taking a stroll through the flanks of the Seine would be both intimate and touristic, since many of the monumental landmarks are situated along the river. To the Left Bank of Paris, you could afford a walk around the one of the two most natural islands in the City of Lights named Île de la Cité. The island is home to the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is one of the standout structures of the Parisian cityscapes.

There is one more island in Seine River, namely Île Saint-Louis, which is situated a touch further along the 4th arrondissement. Find the warmth of a human blanket, setting down on green pastures along there to have a picnic watching the world drift by.


This avenue, which is home to the Arc de Triomphe to its west side, is worth exploring especially during after-hours or once the sun starts to set. Also consider exploring the plush luxury and splendor of 8th arrondissement of Paris by spending a romantic afternoon in a restaurant along the avenue, if possible, after having a champagne in a French bar there.

Eiffel Tower

Of course, no other monument in Paris would seem quite a best of both worlds as this one. No matter whether your interests lie in romancing, sightseeing, or photographing, if time permits, climb the Eiffel Tower on or before 09:00 pm to 10:00 pm and have a toast in the champagne bar with your love. This nocturnal view of Eiffel Tower is perfect not just for that but also for seeing the skyline of Paris in breathtaking fashion.

Private Louvre Museum Tour

In case you are in and around Jardin du Luxembourg, throwing eyeballs at each other, you will not want to miss a chance to explore Musée du Louvre at night. Get into the famous painting, Mona Lisa, to cap off the trip in a peaceful atmosphere.