A Self-Guided Tour Through Opera PalaisGarnier

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If you are planning to visit the cultural highlights during your Paris tours, then Opera PalaisGarnier is one of the best choices for you. This place is a popular landmark in Paris that a large number of people choose to visit, especially those who love arts. If you are also a fan of classic operas, this beautiful opera house will definitely mesmerize you. It has an unmatchable charm which boasts its rich history and the large number of world-famous plays it hosted.

It will be a loss for you, if you do not include this wonderful place in your Paris walking tours, as it is a proud reminder of the rich cultural history of Paris. Hence, we include some important information you need to know about this opera house. This will help you to enjoy the spectacular beauty of this place to its fullest.

Opera PalaisGarnier

The renowned PalaisGarnier is located on the Boulevard des Capucines in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. It mesmerizes the visitors with its opulent architectural details and spectacular designs. Its awe-inspiring architectural style is promised to attract the visitors. The Opera Garnier has a great history of hosting many world-famous operas, ballets and classical musical performances. It can accommodate almost 1900 people and still remains as a great destination for people to enjoy a classic play.

An Introduction To PalaisGarnier

PalaisGarnier is a wonderful example of ancient Parisian architectural style. It was created in the Napoleon III architectural style, which skilfully combines the elements of Baroque and Renaissance styles. This opera house was designed by the famous architect Charles Garnier and it was constructed during the period of 1861-1875. At the time of its opening, PalaisGarnier featured the largest opera house and theatre in the whole world. Its exterior is famous for the rooftop statuary and the interior is filled with mosaics, frescoes and marble-covered decorations.

The main highlights of Opera Garnier are its stunning white marble Grand Staircase, the Grand Foyer, the Paris Opera Library museum, and an Italian-style Auditorium. The stage of the auditorium in this opera house is able to accommodate almost 400 performers. It is also possible for you to enjoy the prestigious artworks exhibited here which are created by illustrious artists like Charles Gumery, Marc Chagall, Paul-Jacques-Aim├ęBaudry and Aime Millet. This is a must-visit location for you to include in your Paris tours, if you want to admire the rich cultural history of France.