Famous Handbag Brands In Paris

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You will call Paris the “city of luxury” once you see the long list of iconic handbag shops the city has. This place is filled with talented bag designers who use their extraordinary creativity and sense of style to design bags suiting the lifestyle of different people.

These brands have handbags for you when you have to go to work. And also for when you need to rock the dance floor. Picnics and family gatherings require a unique style and these brands have handbags befitting that occasion too.

Let’s look at the most famous Paris based handbags brands.


Managed by three wonderful women (mother and her two daughters), Verbeuil is a brand that makes high-range authentic leather goods for women. With a huge boutique just a few steps away from the ostentatious street Rue Saint-Honore, this place is buzzing with customers. Each of its products is hand made with attention given to details. Moreover, they have a collection of men’s bags providing the comfort and rustic look that men crave.


AnnickWindall launched her exquisite collection of handbags in 2014. What makes her handbags standout is their timeless and sophisticated yet minimalistic design. Using the finest leather available in France, Annick has created bags, that she says is a part of a woman. Her designer bags are widely known in the city and the scope of it growing is high.


Just like the name says, the brand and its founder Margherita Matticari believe that not everything in the world is perfect and that having imperfections are beautiful. Hence, you will find handbags prioritizing comfort and quality here. This Italian brand entered the industry in 2010 and has been attracting people of different taste with their motto of providing versatile, colorful, and beautiful bags with pragmatic design.


Started by a brother and a sister, the Mizelle is a brand that will make a statement no matter where it goes. Every Mizele tote is crocheted using the finest materials by hand taking around 20 hours using techniques passed down by the sibling’s mother.


If you have a thing for art and history, you must visit Louvreuse. Launched in 2016, this brand has the most beautiful collection of artistic bags with cues directly from skilled artists. As you step inside the large boutique, you will be stupefied by the shapes of bags and their design. Personalized keychains and cardholders are also their specialties.

Private tours Paris will show you the skilled side of the city. Paris walking tours are the best to discover gems like these.