Traveling To France? Stay Connected With A Mobile Signal Booster

There are several tourist attractions to visit in France. There is the capital city Paris, with its own bevy of attractions for tourists. On the outskirts of Paris, there are places with vineyards and castles such as Versailles. If you are a shutterbug, these sights are sure to keep your phone busy, with more than enough pictures to click.

When there is bad signal, however, you will not be able to post those French countryside photos on your social networking accounts. So you might be wondering how to boost cell signal. The following are some possible ways to boost cell signals.

Determine The Cause For The Signal Problem

Many things factor in how good (or bad) the signal you get is. These factors include your device, your vehicle’s manufacturing materials, where you are, and the distance between you and that carrier tower. For instance, when in a crowd, or your phone has a back cover having metal elements, you are unlikely to get the best cellular signal.

Stop Your Vehicle And Search For Signal Again

When your phone is moving from one place to another, it will keep trying to connect to the next cell tower there. When you are not moving, however, your cellular network need not keep adjusting to pick up your location. So, pullover to the side of the road and check for signal once more.

Go To Someplace Higher

Maybe you are too below the sea level for the phone to pick up signals. If this is the case, drive up over a hilly area and check to see whether you have signal then. If the quality of the signal is still not good enough, then try the following.

Restart Your Phone Or Toggle On/Off Airplane Mode

Your phone may be stuck looking for the closest cell site. If so, it will only need a refresh to get a solid connection. For this, restart your phone or enable the flight mode on it and disable the mode five seconds later.

Use Signal Booster As A Last Resort

If there is still no quality signal in the vehicle, try equipping it with a cell phone amplifier. It can be installed in any place with a power source, and will pick up the signal and rebroadcast it, in effect making your reception stronger.

Hopefully, the aforementioned things help you to get the essential signal for enjoying your France tour.