Things to Know before Launching your E-Commerce Brand

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E-Commerce Brand Tips

Mobile commerce is making big notable transformations when it comes to fashion brands. It is interesting to find that over 65% of the online fashion traffic is from mobile devices. No fashion brand can afford to ignore the change that the e-commerce starts to have on their revenue.

Here are some opportunities from the e-commerce apparel world and what a brand needs to know before exploring the world of e-commerce.

Consider your conversion rates

The traffic on your website holds value when you convert the visitors of our website into customers. You will have to put together a plan of what you can do to attract the qualified leads. Techniques like SEO, Artificial intelligence and ads will help to increase the flow of potential customers into your website. On-page tactics such as product recommendations, pop-up of promo codes and UX will attract the attention of the visitors.

Invest in VR or AR

Investments to technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can allow your brand to tackle the push backs caused by the retail. Investing in 3D technologies that allow customers to input their measurement to virtually see how a fabric will look on the consumers.

Consider your Following

The major schemes that are vital for fashion brands to stand out online are marketing and branding. Strong social media presence can do wonders to your brand and can build the audience and helps you survive cut-throat competitions when you are someone from the apparel manufacturing industry or fashion industry. This will help boosting the visibility of your own site and also in boosting your presence in the mega e-commerce sites. A strong presence in the social media can add tremendous competition to your e-commerce game. This can open up the possibilities to have more mobile purchases. For example, hosting a giveaway with the help of a social media influencer can help you take your brand to the next level and allow customers to make a purchase straight from a single social media post.

Make use of product data

You can begin to use the product data to improve the user experience for new and repeated consumers if you track consumer behavior as they visit and move through the website, observe what their purchases look like, and compare it your other consumers and visitors. You can also make suggestions for consumers for similar products they might like, which are similar to the ones they have added to their carts.