Which Technologies Can Make My KPN Cellular Signals Better?

Cellular technology may have evolved much over the years, but there are issues even today regarding the signal quality. You may have been in situations where the quality of KPN signals drops when inside a lift or commercial building. This may happen even if there is a strong cellular signal outside the building. Not to worry, though, because there are some technologies that can amplify the signal originating from a KPN NL mobile tower.

Carrier – Specific Booster

Also known as a single-carrier booster, this product tends to work at a higher gain as compared to the other devices mentioned here. The term ‘gain’ here means the maximum amount of signal improvement a carrier-specific repeater can offer. In this context, the product you would require is a repeater compatible with just KPN. A KPN repeater is a fine option when the signal strength outside is weak, and there is only KPN connection at home or in your workplace.

Multi-Carrier Booster

Some booster makers have a patent to improve multiple major carriers’ frequency bands simultaneously. Therefore, whichever carrier you have, you may use one of their booster products with multiple carriers at once. A multi-carrier repeater is a good choice as it does not cost as much as a carrier-specific one.

Whichever type of booster you use, the system will work in the same way. Its donor antenna will receive the cellular signal outside and will relay it to the booster put indoors. The booster component will make the signal better, and it will transfer the signal to the internal antenna. This antenna will transmit the boosted signal to the needed area.

Will My Netherlands Booster Work In A Different Nation?

There is no definite answer to this question. It depends on the specific cellular frequency at which devices in that nation operate. KPN uses 800 megahertz, 1800 megahertz and 2600 megahertz frequency bands to enable 4G LTE communication. So if the other nation has a telecom carrier that uses any of the said frequencies to facilitate the same, you could effectively use your repeater there.

It also depends on the form of your KPN signal booster. If it is a booster locked to the KPN carrier, that carrier’s networks should be available in the other country or you should be able to unlock the booster to use it there.