Advantages of an IP Private Branch Exchange Phone System

PBX Phone System

PBX System Facts

An internet protocol PBX phone system provides calls through IP networks. Every conversation is transmitted as packets of data via the network. The system is made up of SIP telephones, a server and an optional VoIP gateway device for PSTN connectivity. That server operates much like a proxy computer, which functions as an intermediary between the client and another server. SIP client devices register with that server, and whenever one such device wants to make a phone call it asks the PBX to initiate the connection.

Installing and Configuring It Is Easier Compared To a Proprietary Telephone System

A business IP PBX operates as a software program on a PC, and it can leverage its processing power, user interface, and features. Any person who is adept at computers and networking can set up and maintain it. Conversely, a proprietary telephone system usually needs a professional installer who is trained in that specific system.

Managing It Easier

This can be done through a graphical user interface or web-based configuration interface, either one of which comes with IP PBX. That additional feature allows you to fine-tune and maintain the system in an easy way. Proprietary systems, on the other hand, have non-intuitive interfaces, which tend to be designed for telephone technicians.

Considerable Savings with VoIP Service Providers

Using a VoIP service is possible together with this phone system for both international and long-distance telephony. The savings per month are pretty big. If your business has branches, connecting telephone systems between those offices and making free calls can be done easily.

Eliminate Telephone Wiring

The phone system enables connecting IP phones to the network port of a computer (the port can be shared with the nearby PC). It is possible to install softphones on the computer. You can then eliminate the telephone wiring, and facilitate the moving and adding of extensions. In new locations, you can do away with the need for connecting additional ports for your office telephone system.

Scalable Solution

It is easy for you to outgrow a proprietary phone system. Adding more telephone extensions or lines tend to require costly hardware modules. Sometimes, you need a fully new telephone system. This is not the case with this form of private branch exchange system. A standard PC can easily manage numerous extensions and lines – just add telephones to your business network to scale up.