Why Taking a Paris Tour with a Local is Your Best Option

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A common trap that several people fall victim to is going to a place alone just because others say so. For instance, some may have told you that “You should go to Paris alone”, “You should visit the Eiffel Tower” and things like that.

FOMO kicks in at this point, and that is precisely what you do. However, several people see and do things without giving much thought about their preferences. However, having a local person to show you around will benefit you because he or she will have knowledge of the places, the cuisines, the museums and other areas of interest in that destination. For the same reason, exploring Paris with a local will be your best option; because the tour guide knows the city from inside out, he or she will be able to take you places right up your alley.

If you stick to Paris’s main sites, you will come away feeling it is overhyped and is far too touristy. However, the City of Lights has more depth than taking a quick selfie at the front part of a landmark.

Taking a private Paris trip means that you can cater the tour to your interest, whether that is food, history, or art. You can talk to your tour guide rather than shouting your questions to many others, indulged in something else, and can have a proper conversation with whoever you want to. Your guide will free you of the burden to see and do everything for yourself.

It is one thing joining a group of people taking a walking tour, where a local regurgitates information which he or she has been forced to learn by heart from a tour guide book, and another thing being shown around by a person who knows the capital of France.

Rather than being told the Louvre Pyramid is designed by Leoh Ming Pei and that it has 673 glass panes, a Paris tour guide will give you useful tips such as how to get priority entrance to the museum or where a specific painting is housed. Note that this is only one example of how a local Parisian would help you with your tour experience.

Being shown around the city by a Parisian is not just about learning facts and figures you can find on the internet, but it is about knowing the best-kept secrets above everything else.