Why Plan a Trip to Paris in the Winter Season

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Winter is a great time to go to Paris. It is a “low season”, meaning you will find fewer tourists, better prices, and more chances to see the City of Lights in all its glistening glory in winter.

It is Less Crowded This Time of the Year

Winter is not a tourist season, which means you will not have to skip the line to enter your favorite art gallery or endure long waits at Paris’s popular restaurants. Wandering down the emptier Parisian streets while at the same time looking at the window displays in the capital city is a refreshing thing to do.

Paris is Decorated in Twinkly Lights for the Holidays

You will see how festive Paris looks if you make the trip to the nation’s capital in December last week or early January. The French people drape the trees with twinkly lights and string colorful decorations across the streets. Most areas get a little more dose of festive sparkle, but the display at Avenue des Champs-Élysées is often the most over-the-top one. If you have been to the avenue last winter, you would have seen the “Scintillance” display combining standard lights with modern twinkle with LED technology.

Les Soldes

The term ‘Les Soldes’ refers to government-mandated discounted sales that happen twice a year. One sales period starts in early January, and it is a chance for stores to clear out their Christmas inventory, and an opportunity for customers to buy something at a discounted price. The January window of “Les Soldes” runs through early February. The purpose of this program is for Parisian stores to clear remaining winter stock to make space for spring and summer season collections.

Plenty of Unique Activities

In winter, there are activities and events that are not available in other seasons. The season itself creates ice skating rinks in Paris city. Then there is Christmas shopping, with all the decorations and holiday lights. If you come after Christmas, then attend the Paris Fashion Week where celebrities make an appearance.

Chinese New Year Carnival and Parade are held in early February. Winter is the ideal time to beat the cold at a popular Parisian museum. Most museums around this time of the year will be about to end their exhibition cycles to prepare for their other expos in spring or summer. If you are lucky, then you may also get to see snow in February.