Which is the Best Time to Go on Paris Tours?

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Some of the tourists like to visit Paris when it drizzles, where some others prefer sunny days to explore the city. However, weather is not the only consideration to decide the time to visit the City of Lights. There are many other things like your budget, number of days, and the attractions that you are planning to visit on your Paris tours. A few of such considerations are discussed below.


In the months of November to February, the highest average temperatures in Paris may reach 40 Fahrenheit. Winter here is often rainy and it will be very cold, but some of the tourists think that the cold weather adds to the romantic mood of the city. The average high temperatures in March can reach to 52 Fahrenheit and it can go up to 70 Fahrenheit in the month of June.

You may need to carry a trench coat with you if you are planning your Paris tours in spring. It is a favorite time of visitors as the flowers in the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Tuileries will be in bloom. The months of July and August will have the finest weather and the highest temperatures may go to 75 Fahrenheit.


The tourist season in Paris will be at its peak in the months of July and August. This is the time when the airfares are the highest and hotels charge peak rates. In the opinion of expert Paris tour guides, the costs will be lower from November to February. As the demand is low in this period, airfares and hotel rates will be the least. You can also try booking rooms and tickets at the last minute to get some deals and discounts, but that might not work out every time.


In the months of July and August, the streets of Paris will be bustling with tourists. Parisians will leave their homes in groups in these months leaving the city pretty much to the visitors. If you are planning to visit Paris with your family, then summer will be a good time. The rest of the time will be suitable for couples, friends, and travelers on adventure.

Some of the monuments, museums, galleries, and other popular attractions of Paris tours will have shorter hours in winter. However, in the months of July and August, the queues will be unending at the major attractions like the Louvre museum. If you are planning to visit the city in these months, you will need a good itinerary planning from an experienced Paris tour guide to have a smooth and comfortable trip.