Where to Find Delicious Coffee in Paris

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Your Paris experience would be incomplete if you have not tasted some of the tastiest coffees from its busy streets. Parisian coffees are said to have an essence of this beautiful city. Below are some of the best places to taste a delicious coffee on your Paris tours.

Café Kitsuné

This coffee shop is run by a famous boutique clothing chain company. It is located in the first arrondissement, beside the border of the Jardin du Palais Royal. Its unique attraction is an outdoor garden, which serves as a green retreat from the bustling city streets. The coffee served here is classy along with the fox-shaped cookies.


This is a very simple coffee shop founded by an accomplished photographer, Nicolas Clerc. He was a pioneer of several popular brands before becoming a coffee lover. The interior has very minimum décor, and the coffee is served on mismatched plates. They serve amazing avocado as well as create nice latte art, creating a homely vibe that is not easily found in the city.

Honor Café

The Honor Café, located in the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is a favorite among the Parisian crowd. It is, in fact, the first outdoor-only café in Paris. The place operates like a kiosk with barstools and puts the quality of their coffees before anything else. They serve in collaboration with the Parisian roasters Coutume for its house espresso. It sources its coffee beans from a wide range of European roasters.

Ten Belles

This is a small café sitting in the Canal Saint-Martin neighborhood. The café has been around for more than six years. Once you enter the café, make sure you taste the Parisian café allongé. This is an espresso diluted with hot water. You can either sit beside the canal sipping your coffee or head upstairs to the mezzanine.

Café Oberkampf

This is an eternally cool café located in the 11th arrondissement Paris. It is especially famous for its iced latte. However, the place also has a variety of options to choose from such as granola with fresh fruit, grilled cheese with chili jam, and shakshuka, which is a blend of poached eggs, tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers.

The Broken Arm

Located in the third arrondissement, this café has a menu that changes daily. Of course, the coffee remains tasty and constant; you can try the perfect latte and other varieties in here. Besides, it also serves burrata as well as parsley root soup.