Where and How Much to Tip When in Paris

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When you are traveling, it is hard to know how much you are supposed to tip the waiter when you go in for a bite. Paris is no exception in this regard, and it is normal to be ignorant about the tipping culture if you are on your first Paris tours.

How Much are you Expected to Tip?

The bill at every restaurant includes service. Still, it is seen as good form and appreciated if you tip 5 to 10%. That is not the upper limit though, especially if the service is exceptional. Some waiter will go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and special, and gems such as these undoubtedly deserve higher tips.

Should you Tip Each Time?

It has considered polite in all parts of France to tip the waiter, although how much extra you put on the table is up to you. It works differently than in the US because the staff is not as heavily reliant on tips. If and when you get outstanding service, it is good to tell them they did well. Besides, if you do leave a tip, most restaurants will divide it within the team.

It is also common for people to leave change or a note that goes to the kitchen. On the other hand, if your meal or service leaves much to be desired, you can leave off.

As a Large Group

If you are getting a meal as part of a large group, it stands to reason that the waiters and kitchen staff will be working hard to cater to you. Not only is it customary to leave a tip in such cases, it is also the decent thing to do. Everyone can pitch in, and using the tip feature in the Splitwise app is a good idea if you want to divide the expense equally.

Tipping Cab Drivers, Hotel Porters, Concierges and Tour Guides

In Paris, it is normal to tip hotel porters because they will be expecting something for the effort they put in. You can tip the concierge at the end of the stay, if the service warrants it.

Taxi drivers usually charge based on rate, although if you take a long trip, it is good to round up the total fare. Private Paris tour guides can be tipped each day or whenever you feel like it.