Unusual and Fun Things to Do in the City of Lights

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Though the City of Lights has numerous famous attractions, visitors barely know much about the not-that-popular attractions. The following are some of such unusual, yet must-see places where you should consider going during your Paris tour.

Manoir de Paris

Go to this manor located in the tenth district in Paris where many legends come to life for your greatest horror. Manoir de Paris was opened in 2011 and had made many victims for their first haunted show. If you are brave enough to experience the horror, go there with your family.

Escape Game

It would be quite interesting to know that real-life room escape games can be found in Paris. With many diversified themes such as burglary, historic heritage, science fiction, and many more, there is definitely something for everyone’s taste. Your dexterity, vigor, and speed will help you escape.

Flight Simulator

Some of you may have dreamt about becoming an airplane pilot, and Paris gives you a chance to pilot an actual Boeing 737. In this flight simulation, you can choose the destination and you will actually go with a professional pilot.

The Helicopter

Take a seat in the helicopter, which will take you above the city of Paris and to Versailles. This will be a great journey for sure; you can view a nice panoramic view of the city and click beautiful aerial pictures of Paris during the helicopter tour.

The Retro 2CV Car

The 2CV denoting “deux-chevaux” or “two horses” or Deudeuche, is a popular French car that will take you back in time. You can have the opportunity to explore the city in this legendary car while having a touring feel as in the sixties.

Seine River Boat Tour

There are dozens of boats in the riversides that you can hire for few hours to explore the City of Lights. The types of boats include motorboats, sailboats, jet skis, and houseboats, and a good thing is that you do not need a boating license for the tour.


To taste some of the local delicacies of Paris while visiting Paris and many of its tourist spots, you can take the Bustronome voyage gourmand. This is a high-end double-decker bus, which allows you to enjoy your meal under a glazed roof to enjoy the views of the city.