Unbelievable French Laws You Must Know

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The Civil law system of France is very much different from that of the English-speaking world. However, the only similarity one can find between them is that some of the laws are obsolete. Some of them are so unbelievable that you will need to hear it twice to confirm that you heard it right the first time. Here are some of those bizarre laws of France, which demands your belief.

You May Marry A Dead Person

The practice of getting married to a dead person is prevalent in France. It is also called as a posthumous marriage. However, this is applicable only in certain circumstances. There should be enough proof to show that the dead person was intending to marry the living person soon. The French President should approve the marriage. It may be surprising to know that this practice is prevalent in Sudan and China as well.

Woman Needs Permission To Wear Trousers

The women were banned from dressing like men in the year 1800. She had to seek the doctor’s notice and the approval of the police to do so. The decree had some relaxation later when they were allowed to wear trousers while riding horses and riding bicycles. It was in 2013 that the arrest of women wearing trousers without permission was banned.

It Is Illegal To Take Picture Of Police In Antibes

In the town called Antibes, it is legally wrong to click a photo with the police or police vehicle in it even if it is in the background. There were cases in the past in which legal action was planned to be taken upon the violation of this rule.

Compulsory French Music On The Radio

In the year 1994, a rule was passed in which the radio stations were asked to play at least 40 percent of the songs in French between 8 AM and 8 PM. This was aimed at preserving and promoting the French language.

No Unlimited Ketchup In Schools

As an attempt to encourage healthy eating habits in children, in 2011, the government banned unlimited ketchup and mayonnaise usage in the schools. The meals served with French fries are an exception to this rule.

It Is Illegal To Kiss At The Train Stations

This is a rule in action from 1910. This ban is intended to reduce overcrowding on the platforms and delays to the service. Though the punishment on breaking the rule is not made clear, it is still considered an illegal thing.

It is good to know these weird but serious rules while you are on your Paris tours.