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Marais District Travel Guide

Tourists won’t take a backward step once their Paris tours get underway. By respecting the precious time, tourists can see places such as the Le Marais neighborhood very quickly. The Le Marais is renowned as a busy neighborhood among the Parisians, but it is also a tourist hub for the Paris tour guide. Your tour guide will stay with you throughout the Le Marais explaining about the history and culture of the place. However, most Europeans especially deem the Marais district as one of the beautiful sights to hobnob at night.

Le Marais Was a Swamp

Of course, the neighborhood in the Marais district is reminiscent of the ancient Paris. The French name ‘Le Marais’ stands for ‘the marsh’ in English, which reflects on the times gone by in ancient Paris. The population grew in big numbers since the 15th century onward in Le Marais, and the crowds are still quaint in the swamps turn hangout places.

Parisians Love Le Marais

Your Paris tour guide may tell you that Le Marais grew under Napoleon’s leadership in 19th century. During the French Revolution, the Marias district was home to the revolutionaries. The gorgeous boulevards on the Le Marais are well known for its stoic beauty.

The things that decorate Paris tours in the Marias district include:

  • Tasting the falafel in the Le Marais falafel shop;
  • Visiting Place des Vosges surrounded by large trees and red houses;
  • A trip to Victor Hugo residence that stays open on Tuesdays and on Sundays; and
  • A tour of the museum of the Spanish painter Picasso, which houses a collection of caricatures and classic paintings.

Le Marais Cobblestone Streets

The cobblestone street is situated in the Museum Carnavalet in the Marais district. The two famous Parisian hotels back in the day have become museums in 1880. Just as the Paris tours unfold, tourists could visit the museums or take a leisure walk through the cobbled streets. If you were looking for an eatery, Le Marais is a popular tourist hub that has plenty of hotels nearby too.