Top Quirky Restaurants in Paris

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Are you someone with a special interest in quirky places? Then Paris would be a great place for you to explore. It has several restaurants that offer a different experience from the usual eateries. Make sure you include them in your itinerary if you are interested in these. Below is a discussion on some of the quirky restaurants in Paris that you can visit after your Louvre tours.

Pink Flamingo

The restaurant named Pink Flamingo offers different varieties of Pizza. They offer both original and creative options of pizzas. There are also several creative recipes which are available in sweet, and savory flavors. There are flavors like the Ho Chi Minh with chicken, with smoked salmon, coconut milk, and king prawns all presented using a different way of cooking pizza.

In case you like to eat beside the Saint-Martin waterway, this is also possible. The waiter will give you a bright pink balloon when you order. Due to the balloon, the servers will probably spot you in the crowd and reach you with your pizza. It is an ideal weird spot for those looking for one.


If you are interested in tasting some delightful meals while on the ride, then head to Bustronome. This bus offers a meal while you move through the city’s streets. The restaurant offers an attractive menu with many popular courses. These can also be arranged according to your diet plan. You can meet several candidates of the French Version of Top Chef in the kitchen. Besides, you can enjoy your food while you admire the view of the city.

Le Dernier Bar Avant La Fin Du Monde

This is a special attraction that will excite science fiction, writing and all kinds of universe lovers. They welcome you to have a meal or taste your favorite drink as the café that places your preferred movie or TV series at the focal point of everything. The specialty is, you can taste beverages and meals named after well-known characters or places like Poison Ivy or Godzilla Call. Another special attraction to note is that they create festive days with the name of various universes. You may dress up in the costume of your favorite character and meet other fans at the café.

Pancake Sisters

This eatery that will offer a selection of assortment of pancakes, breakfast or lunch, sugary or salty attractions, and with varying textures. It is worth exploring and tasting the salty pancakes with guacamole and beets, salty pancakes textured with peppers or salty pancakes with crisp goat’s cheddar and beets. They guarantee something for each taste.

Le Kube

In case you need a special and unpredictable ambiance, visit the bar-eatery known as Le Kube. It offers an innovative setting with its lit-up ice-bar. It gives two menus that fulfill all tastes. A conventional and bona fide menu is meant for enthusiasts of conventional dishes. The other menu is for the lovers of the new items and those who like to have something extraordinary in their plates. The menus change based on seasons.

The attraction of this eatery is also added by the bar found upstairs. It is made entirely out of ice (20 tons). It has with igloo counters and frozen ice cubes too. This bar has a catchy design that will take you on a dreamlike journey.

Sur Un Arbre Perché

Sur un Arbre Perché is a café set in an inviting and relaxing idea. You can appreciate present-day food in a fun and innovative air on swing seats. Note that messages are provided after you finish your meal. All dishes are cooked using fresh ingredients.

The theme of the interior will help you to remember nature, forests, and trees. They will surely offer an ambiance of a natural location. The dishes are unique and you can even understand how they are cooked by visiting the open kitchen.

Dans Le Noir, into the Darkness

The restaurant Dans le Noir is a great option if you are looking for weird places. You step into complete darkness of the interiors as the food is served by visually impaired waiters. You have to use all your imagination while eating because there would be no menu that you can see. You have to taste and understand it for yourself.

Bel Canto

In case you need to taste French cooking while enjoying an opera simultaneously Bel Canto is an ideal spot. During the service, waiters and waitresses become opera singers. They play a piano situated in the room while performing. While singing the best operas, the group of four will serve you delicious items that are worth calling it one of the best eateries. Some of the best dishes you have to taste are, sugar-coated chuck steak, a butternut velouté with chestnut, or king prawns cooked “a la plancha.”

Make sure you visit the above locations of you are looking to eat at some weird restaurants after your Louvre Tours.