Top Foods To Try On Your Paris Tours

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Paris is not only famous for its museums and other tourist locations. The cuisine here is also very famous and there are so many Parisian special foods which you should not miss on your Paris tours. Here are some suggestions for foods you must try on your Paris city tours.


It is actually the French name given to sauerkraut. It is a very big dish which has the white cabbage cooked in pork or duck fat along with some herbs and garlic. The dish is topped with pork knuckle and sausages. The dish has its origin in Alsace which is located in the border area of eastern France. It was in the 19th century that the dish reached Paris after the place was captured by the Germans. All the refugees from Alsace fled to Paris and this dish then became famous in the city. If served on a heated stove, the dish will be more tasty and pleasant.

Steak Frites

This one is a special dish you get in the typical French restaurants and cannot be exempted from the cuisine of Paris. The taste of the grilled steak along with a sauce of your choice is very adorable. For the steak to be tasty, the meat should be fresh and well cooked. The hand cut and deep fried potato chips add to the taste of the steak.

Israeli Food

Though the French people are not into using the cuisines of other countries, now the city of Paris has undergone a change by accepting Israeli food. This food has become trending in the city and is one of the main attractions of the tourists. Balagan is one of the main centers in the city where this food is served.


The Baguettes have a very high and superior status in the city. There is an annual competition held in order to find the best baguette in the city. This food is so famous that the French President Emmanuel Macron called to give this one the UNESCO recognition.

Rhum Baba 

This is a dense cake made with rum and vanilla cream and its origin dates back to the 18th century. King Stanislaus of Poland is the man behind this cake. It was his chef Nicolas Stohrer who made this cake first upon the commissioning by the king. It was Stohrer who named it Rhum Baba. Later he opened his own bakery in Paris and then it became famous in the city.

There are many more foods which attract tourists who visit Paris. Make sure that you get a taste of some of these during your tours to Paris.