Top Five Locations in Paris City for Time-Lapse Photography

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Paris City Photography Locations

Paris city is replete with attractive locations. When on Paris walking tours, capturing the locations in Paris in pictures will give you some lifelong memories. If you are a photo enthusiast, the below top five places in Paris will offer you some picture postcard views.

The Eiffel Tower from a Distance

Try to navigate to the front side of the Eiffel Tower and snap the Tower from afar with Trocadéro fountains in the foreground. The Place de Trocadéro often has many peering visitors trying to capture the Eiffel Tower, so arrive here at an off-peak hour if you can. Note that the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadéro fountains will glitter at sunrise especially.

The Pont des Arts from up Close

This bridge adjoins the Quai des Tuileries at Institut de France with the Louvre Museum. Visitors fondly call Pont des Arts as the lover’s bridge, as couples used to attach padlocks to the rails of the bridge and throw keys into the River Seine as a symbol of devotion. Now the tradition no longer exists, as padlocks have been removed from here due to damages. Yet the landscape will still give a spot for photography.

The Pont Neuf from Afar

From the Pont Saint-Michel, you can snap an attractive photo of the River Seine with the historic Pont Neuf Bridge in the distant backdrop. If you turn around, you can snap an equally good time-lapse shot featuring the Notre Dame Cathedral. As there are dozens of bridges sailing over the River Seine in Paris, a view over any of them is sure to excite the photographer in you.

The Notre Dame as a Vantage Point

The panoramic view from atop the Parisian cathedral spans most of the left bank of the River Seine. The best shot will be a skyline view of the Seine and the Haussmannian architecture in the Saint-Germain Street. From the top of Notre Dame, you can share the view alongside the crew and with the gargoyles right next to you.

The Sacré Coeur From Below

The white dome of the basilica pierces the sky in Paris and can be seen from anywhere in the city. A snap can be taken from the bottom stairs leading up to the Sacré Coeur when you are on Paris walking tours.