Top 9 Prix Fixe Menus in Paris

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There are every possibility of getting your travel costs ho high if you are accepting the à la carte at any Parisian restaurants. To solve this barrier, there are the remarkable prix fixe menus for your rescue. They are otherwise known as the ‘formule’ menus which are gradually coming onto the major forefront. Below listed are the Prix Fixe Menus available where you can stop over in your Paris tours.

Abri in Grands Boulevards

Numerous choices of lunchtime take out can be experienced from this Japanese eatery. They are more inventive neo-bistro style in their ambiance. KatsuakiOkiyama, a Japanese Chef, is the major face of Abri. The popular menus of the restaurant are updated on a daily basis, where each and every customer is served differently; or rather the menus are personalized. In the construction, the eatery is only constituted of 10 tables or so. Hence they are a bit packed during peak hours.

Mon Vieil Ami in Île Saint-Louis

The ‘Garden Patch Bistro’ as to how they are addressed by locals is popular to eat and mesmerize in the city of Paris. The basis of all their dishes is fresh organic produced raw materials. Both the non-vegetarian and vegetarian recipes are made available in the restaurant, which is supervised by Chef Antoine Westermann. The cooks here blend totally varied colors and textures by even mixing non-veg along with veg contour parts.  The iconic chocolate tart and rum baba are the two house desserts served in Mon Veil.

Zicatela in Grands Boulevards

Being one of the few places in Paris to taste the real Mexican, Zicatela is known for its enchiladas,burritos, and quesadillas. When the restaurant serves their formules, the place almost fills up quite quickly during the lunch. A glass of pure sangria can be quenched along with your quesadilla, burrito, fajitas or any other main dish. All of these can be experienced by spending somewhere around €13.50 and €15.50. A typical Parisian sunny day can be made cooler with their refreshing horchata.

Will in Bastille

The eastern part of 12tharrondissement was truly transformed with the opening of this Asian fusion bistro Restaurant. Only minimalist dining is arranged in the background of a light-filled atmosphere, where the customers enter and feel the vintage way of the 1960s. Lunch menu starting from €19 is available in the eatery. Other interesting menus comprise of the ethnic European classics such as tuna veal, carpaccio, roasted hake, and steak tartare. The most striking part of their trademarks is that they infuse the plates with a subtle Southeast Asian flavor.

Zoe Bouillion in Belleville

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The restaurant wholly emphasizes the laid-back customers, as you won’t be getting any wholesome food that fills your hungry stomach on any conditions. They are just worthy of the price you are paying. The menus here are a bit complicated. Even then, if you come to the canteen with a €15, you can walk back after having a three-course meal. Meanwhile, couscous salads, savory mains, sandwiches, and desserts can be savored at a menu of €13. Ultimately, the two best choices in the menu could be of gooey chocolate slice and cheese & tomato cake.

Septime in Bastille

A warm hassle-free atmosphere can be experienced in this eatery from where you can have seasonal dishes along with rare natural wines. A jovial setting of modern French exposure is created with the interiors inspired by Scandinavia. Septime is an understated neo-bistro restaurant that operates in the weekdays. At both lunch and dinner, the menus of Prix fixe are made available in the restaurant. In one of those most affordable menus, mains along with a starter and dessert can be picked at around €30.

Mensae in Belleville

Your hit list need not be comprised when you are at Menase, as you may have a really worthy two-course lunch menu at just €20. The locals of 19th arrondissement have become ardent fans of the recipes here quite lately. The modern takes include a mains on every menu and a choice of either a dessert or starter is given to the visitors. The plats du jours are always two-course here. The continental classics of risotto, fresh cuts of meat and fish are also available here. The puckish customers can go for a pair of frog legs garnished with garlic and parsley. Moreover, there will be an obvious fragrance of Lyonnais charcuterie on a sizeable platter.

La Table d’Eugene in Clingnancourt

On the east of Montmartre at the 18tharrondissement, one can stop over at La Table d’Eugene on a hungry day that is never going to disappoint you any circumstances. It is basically a contemporary of Michelin-starred French bistro. Here in the eater, the chefs concentrate on making complicated dishes out of simple ingredients. They alter new versions of the menu on every 10 days, and are obviously followed and tried out by a regular lot of customers.