Top 5 Must-Try Experiences When on a Trip to Latin Quarter

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The Latin Quarter is spread across the fifth and sixth arrondissements or administrative districts of Paris. It is home to the Sorbonne University and some of the city’s best schools. It gets its name because Latin was the only school language during the medieval periods. When on a visit to the heart of the City of Lights, make it a point to try out these amazing experiences.

Have a Walk through River Seine’s Left Bank

If you want to experience the active neighborhood to the fullest, you can follow a Paris tour guide who will show how natives live their lives and have a good time here. You will come to know about the Parisian district’s history, and can even get tips on the best shops and restaurants to visit.

Take a Break in Place Saint Sulpice

The public square is rife with restaurants, shops, and cafes. Besides, the plaza is home to a large fountain and splendid churches, which all provide a refreshing atmosphere. For best dining places and bars or even sightseeing, you can also take a stroll through Rue des Canettes street.

Visit Rue Saint-Andre Des Arts at Lunchtime

This street is at its most dynamic, especially at the time of lunch. It is full of shopping places and cheap restaurants that deliver French food. The atmosphere of the street will make you feel like a Parisian. To enjoy a fine meal that will not cost much, find a bistro here.

Have a Walk in Jardin Du Luxembourg

One of the popular gardens in the French capital is the Luxembourg Garden. Both natives and tourists come here for a relaxing stroll admiring the fountains and sculptures. If you are with someone close, this is one of the romantic places for a walk by holding hands. Even if your kids are with you, the garden has a pond where they can play with sailboats.

Visit the Panthéon for a Dive into Architecture

This monumental building is another must-visit place during your Paris tours. The French monument in the Latin Quarter was once a church. Since the French Revolution period, it has been housing a necropolis with burial places of famous French people, including writers Voltaire, Victor Hugo, and Alexandre Dumas. For lovers of architecture, one of its notable features is a colonnade or a row of columns.