Top 4 Picturesque Fountains in Paris City for Timeouts

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Picturesque Fountains In Paris

With assists from a Paris tour guide, you can find out the best-kept secrets of Paris including the picturesque fountains on your Paris city tour. The City of Lights has many such fountains that give a comprehensive view of the city landscapes and a refreshing timeout to the visitors. Below is a compilation of four select fountains in Paris.

Fontaine des Automates

The fountain resides to the north of Centre Pompidou and the architecture of Saint Merri Church to the south. A modern space given by the fountain awaits one who comes from Saint Merri and the alleys to Centre Pompidou and its esplanade. A rest by the pond enjoying the scenic ambiance including colorful figures in the fountain and music on the square is joyful to the senses. Obviously, the fountain’s automation appears accompanied by music and even dance just like in a Stravinsky ballet.

Fontaine de l’Observatoire

The fountain resides in the Marco Polo Garden on the Avenue de l’Observatoire, amid the Port Royal and the Jardin du Luxembourg garden. The four women on the fountain represent the four continents – Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. The entire fountain was sculpted by sculptors including Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Eugène Legrain, Emmanuel Frémiet, and others in the 19th Century. The globe lying above the shoulders of the four women is illustrated by Zodiac signs and the animal figures in the pond includes 8 apiece horses and turtles and 4 dolphins.

Fontaine Médicis

Jardin du Luxembourg is home to many fountains including this romantic one. The fountain resides adjacent to the Senate, but under the trees, making it somewhat tricky to spot for the visitors, unless a Paris tour guide is there to assist. The fountain is named after Marie de Médicis who commissioned building it in the 17th Century. The fountain is reminiscent of the caves and gardens of the Queen’s native Italy. Since then, the fountain has undergone many transformations and was transported stone by stone to the garden in 1860.

Les Sphérades Fountain

The fountains sculpted by Pol Bury in 1985 comprise of 10 spheres of stainless steel. The fountain resides in the courtyard of Orleans, amid the Paris Royal courtyard and adjacent to Buren’s columns. The slow movement of the spheres and the subtle noise of water make a go-between the mineral and the static column and the gardens aligning with the trees just next. Les Sphérades were put in the spheres and you can sit on the edge of it and dangle your feet in the water if you want.