Top 3 Museums in Paris for Fans of Asian Art

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If you are interested to visit a museum devoted specifically to Asian arts, then Paris has several tourist attractions to offer you. Louvre Museum is a spacious one and houses several collections, including a section devoted to works of art from Western Asia in particular. So, if you are yearning for Louvre tours, you can catch the Asian collections from the Department of Near Eastern Antiquities.

Note that some of the antique Asian art collections of the Louvre were transferred to Musée Guimet. Below is a compilation of top 3 museums in Paris city devoted to Asian arts.

Musée Guimet

This National Museum is a must-visit destination for those on Paris walking tours wanting to immerse in a world full of history and trust with traditions found in Asian art. The impression museum in the City of Lights has a collection that range thousands of artifacts and artworks from greater Asia, with devoted permanent collections to countries Korea, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and some even to the Himalayas.

The museum’s collections are well curated, but it also hosts temporary exhibitions focusing on indigenous or less-frequented aspects of culture and arts from Asia, like theatrical customs.

Musée Cernuschi

This Parisian museum houses a collection of hundreds of paintings, statues, and artifacts from Vietnam, China, Korea, and Japan. Some of its collections include antique bronze sculptures like the Japanese Buddha’s statue, ceramic objects from China, furnishings, funerary artifacts, and other sublime works.

Its Chinese collection provides an insight into artistic tradition spanning from Neolithic age or dynasties that reigned Chinese empire during 7th Century AD. At the same time, its collection devoted to Japanese art throws light on graphic and decorative artworks that focus Nippon customs.

Musée du Quai Branly

This Parisian museum offer a sneak peak to the ancient civilizations through curious little masks originating from the subcontinent and jewels from ancient Africa. It also houses private collections from the Americas as well as other non-Western world.

The museum resides close to the Eiffel Tower, and the Seine River, and hosts temporary exhibitions from time to time, with some even focusing on the Asian subcontinent art. Ethnic arts of the museum touch upon the minority communities in China, and it has a section devoted to cultural practices of the country and Buddhist art as well.