Tips for Visiting Paris on a Budget

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Paris is considered an expensive city to visit and this is almost true. But it is also possible to visit Paris on a low budget too. We include some brilliant ideas for you to save money on your next Paris tours.

Saving on Accommodation

There are a lot of extravagant hotels in Paris that can drain your pocket. So it is better to avoid them if you are trying to save your money on Paris tours. Instead, we suggest some wonderful options for you to stay at a low rate.

  • Sleep in a Central Neighborhood to Save on Transit

Paris is a compact city, therefore if you are at a central point you can reach the city’s main sights on foot, thereby saving the amount you have to spend for transit.

  • Stay outside the Center if you Don’t Mind the Commute

You can find cheap hotels if you are ready to stay outside the city center. You can use the metro services to reach the city from your hotel and vice-versa.

  • Use Hostel Facilities if Possible

There are a lot of hostel facilities in Paris that will help you to get a stay for a lower price.

Getting around

Taking a taxi or other private modes of transportation can be really expensive, instead, try the following methods:

  • Use Metro Facilities

Paris has an excellent metro network which will help you to travel across the city at a cheaper rate.

  • Use Buses or Trams

Buses and trams are also cheap. You can use them even after the metro services have stopped.

  • Rent a Bike

As mentioned earlier, Paris is a fairly compact city. Therefore, you can rent a bicycle and explore the city easily as you like.

  • Explore on Foot

The compact size of Paris also makes it possible to explore this city on your foot. So, do not waste your time, get a map and walk around the city to enjoy it like a local.

Sights and Attraction

There are many museums and other popular sites in Paris that you can visit for free. There will be many exhibitions around the city that will be free of charge. Give first preference to such exhibitions and sights if you are trying to save money.

Eating and Drinking

It is better to avoid high-class restaurants and hotels as they can cost you a good fortune. You can grab food from outdoor markets or food trucks at a cheaper rate.