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There are so many things for tourists to do in the city of Paris. The city of lights is an ideal location to have a solo trip or even a family trip. However, Paris is a city different from many other tourist cities in the world. Many unbelievable laws are prevalent in Parisian society. There are so many things that a person is not supposed to do in the city. Here are some of the things tourists should never do while on their Paris tours.

Do Not Buy Tickets for Shows on the Day of the Show

If you wait until the day of the show or the event to buy tickets, you will have to stand in long queues for a long time. By booking your tickets online, you can save much of your time and escape exhaustion by standing in long lines. However, the online ticket must also be booked at an earlier time or else the chance of getting the ticket will be very less.

No Photography in Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

The Shakespeare and Company bookstore is one, which is visited by all book lovers who visit the Paris city. The bookstore has benches and armchairs meant for the book lovers to sit and enjoy reading. But there are certain rules which are strictly imposed on the visitors. The most important one among them is that photography is prohibited here. The visitors are not allowed to take photos of anything inside the bookstore.

Don’t Travel without a Valid Ticket

In London city, it is impossible to travel without a proper ticket because checking out requires the tapping of the ticket. However, in Paris, the way out is open automatically which means there is no tapping system. This can tempt the tourists to travel without a ticket. But keep in mind that if caught without a ticket, the fine will be very high.

Don’t Depend on Taxis at Night in the City

In cities like London and New York, you may depend on taxis for your journey at night. However, the taxi system in Paris cannot be relied on for your night journeys. Even during the day, you cannot fully depend on the taxi stands. It is better to use Smartphone car services here.

Remember these things while on your Paris city tours, to make the best out of it.