The Spookiest Spots to Venture on Your Paris City Tours

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Paris is one of the most spectacular cities in the world that is crammed with a wide range of attractions. It can be said that everything Parisian is beautiful. In fact, the main staple of the capital city of France is its bewitching charm and romantic appeal. No wonder, Paris is regarded as the city of love. In short, there will be no end when it comes to the ways the city can conjure up a fun and exciting time.

However, Paris has a different face as well that will give you knee-knocking, spine-chilling, and vocal cord shredding fright. Note that there are many attractions in this beautiful city that are particularly designed for adrenalin junkies out there. These darker crevasses in the City of Light are sure to give even the dare-minded people a few sleepless nights. Some of those spookiest attractions in Paris that every adventure seeker can include in their tour itinerary are given below.

Cimetière du Père Lachaise

The Pere Lachaise is the largest cemetery in the French capital. The main reason for this cemetery to be regarded as one of the best Parisian tourist spots is the celebrity status of the people buried here. It is to be noted that the Lachaise cemetery is the final resting place of some popular musicians and literary veterans such as Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Frederic Chopin, Jim Morrison, Gertrude Stein, etc.

While most French cemeteries are designed in a neat and geometric pattern, Pere Lachaise boasts a maze design constituting multiple winding paths at its center. The main highlight of the graveyard is the tombs and a host of abstract of religious statues bordering this maze. Needless to mention, finding your way through this kind of maze is sure to be a blood-curdling event. You never know, you may sometimes stumble on something unknown and strange on your way as well.

Les Catacombes

Another eerie spot that you may visit on your adventurous Paris tours to make it an exciting and ever-memorable event is the Les Catacombes. This is an underneath tunnel in the city that spans around 3000 kilometers. The specialty of this tunnel is that it is crammed with bones and skeletons of people. Hence, this tunnel is also known as the ‘empire of death’. Take 130 steps from the city into the tower to reach the city of darkness from the city of lights.

Here, you can see the bones of around 6 million piled upon one another. While some bones and skeletons are displayed haphazardly, some bones are arranged well. Some chilling displays even feature a few lines from poetry. Besides, the sight of the bones can make some people nauseous and dizzy. Hence, small children and elderly people suffering from health issues are recommended to refrain from indulging in this fearsome tour. Some locals believe that this cold and damp tunnel is haunted. Furthermore, the official catacomb route will take 45 minutes to complete leaving the visitors staggered by the unspeakable ambiance for a long period of time.

Le Manoir de Paris

This is a combined attraction of a haunted house and a museum of the macabre. Le Manoir offers two floors of horrifying attractions and spooks to the visitors. Here, you can see multiple themes as you progress through the hall. Every theme reflects on the brutal and dark history of the capital city of France. What you see here is not just some displays.

Rather, you can find live people dressed as some spooky creatures and ghosts and these actors will be hell-bent to give every visitor the worst nightmares. So, you can say that the people that get through the hall without passing out are really brave. Even though the entire theme and scene are designed creepily, this will be a great and adrenaline-inducing way to spend an afternoon with your friends when in Paris.

Le Musee des Vampires

This is probably the only museum in the world and definitely, in Paris dedicated to our fanged friends. Unlike the former options, this is a private institution run by a vampirologist, Jacques Sirgent. The museum features a collection of grisly paraphernalia that the owner has collected from some local flea market and odder online websites. You can also see some specimens that he has collected from different graveyards as well at this museum.

So, visit this place only if you can tolerate such bizarre displays. Two of the weirdest and scariest exhibits here include an authentic vampire kit and a mummified cat. Still, this eerie and eccentric Parisian attraction will be worth a visit on your tours if you are looking for something out of the box.

Musee Fragonard

Musee Fragonard is a gallery dedicated to the works of the veterinary surgeon, Honore Fragonard. Hence, the museum got the name. He was a specialist in darker arts, particularly in cadaver preservation. Unlike the other options, the displays here will be extremely disturbing and gruesome and hence, this is not a place for faint-hearted.

Majority of his collection include preserved body parts of human beings and animals. One of the most popular and dire displays here is the body of a flayed man position on a horse treated the same way. Even though all these specimens will be educational for people in the medical field as well as others, it can surely send chills down your spine.