The Paris Tours are Adventurous

Private Louvre Museum Tour
Private Louvre Museum Tour

Paris Tourist Hub

In Paris, tourists can gain the tour pass to see the sights wishfully. The city bustles through quickly so you would have to find a way to reach the iconic hubs. The Paris city tour is best spent walking and the same goes true for every European metro. When in Paris, the saying goes you should be wary of hustlers who roam freely in the red light district. However, another way to visit a tourist hub in Paris is to enter the private Louvre museum tour (accessible with a pass). Below given are some tourist hubs spread over the French capital.

Going Downhill from Montmartre

The medieval part of Paris is a hill station situated in the eighteenth district. From the top of the hill, a tourist could get a skyline view of Paris or pray in the Sacre Coeur. In fact, tourists can fly upwards via the funicular or climb by foot to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

The popular cabaret, Moulin Rouge, also exists in Montmartre, and anonymous tourists may go downhill from there to reach the red light district ‘Pigalle’.

Cruising from the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a heartening sight from afar, a vantage point, and a tourist hub overlooking the city below. This is another monument, which is symbolic of entertainment and so full of Parisian crowds. After the Eiffel Tower, try taking a cruise through to the Seine River in any of the boats situated next to the Tower. The cruise would give your foot some needful rest after all the climbing upscale.

Splash on the Arc de Triomphe

For those wanting to indulge in window shopping, there are branded shops and galleries near the Champs de Elysees. The de Triomphe is also another monument that sweeps Paris from fifty meters height. In effect, tourists can see lots of things moving and eat the pastries. One can also take good looking selfies in the square next to the Arc.

In fact, downtown Paris is home to those who admire private Louvre Museum tour. The Louvre museum stays open throughout the week and till late in the evening on Wednesdays and Fridays. On the outskirts of Paris is the famous Disneyland too, which coasts along back and forth for fun seekers. In general, the Paris city tours are exciting and adventurous as well.