The Best Neighborhoods in the French Capital to Stay

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The French capital will be one of the best options for your next travel destination since it has got so much to offer. Some of the popular highlights in Paris include the romantic ambiance of the city, its picturesque nature, incredible museums and monuments, rich history and heritage, etc. However, since the number of attractions in the city is almost countless, you must make sure to stay at a place that is at an accessible distance from most of these options so that you do not miss out anything.

Note that it will not be possible for most people to explore each and every attraction in the city on their holidays. Hence, it will be better to shortlist the things you want to see and do when in Paris and choose a place accordingly for your stay; you can seek help from your Paris tour guide as well for this purpose. In case you do not have much idea regarding what to see and where to stay, you can consider the following neighborhoods in Paris that are located in the heart of the city.

Île Saint-Louis

The first option that you may consider is a small island named Ile Saint Louis, which is located at the center of the city. Actually, this is where the Seine River divide Paris city into Left and Right banks. Ile Saint Louis is the best option for all the travelers who are looking for a quiet and scenic place at the city center for their stay. The cobblestone-paved pathways, quaint boutiques, narrow passages, ancient buildings, etc., on the island will give you a clear picture of the Parisian heritage and architecture.

Le Marais

If you are looking forward to experiencing the vibrant and liveliest side of Parisian lifestyle, the neighborhood of Le Marais will be your way to go. This place is located at the Right bank of the city and is mainly known for its live active café life, artsy ambiance, and amazing shopping options. Most of the enchanting streets and museums in Paris are located in this neighborhood. Besides, you can simply walk to most of the popular attractions in the French capital from Le Marais.


Montmartre will be the ideal location for all the travelers who love enjoying the old town charm of France or the real Parisian lifestyle. This place is located at a hilltop that is crammed with authentic Parisian streets, museums, great cafés, etc. Additionally, the popular Scare Coeur Cathedral is located in this amazing neighborhood. Montmartre boasts many treasured Parisian museums as well including the famous Musée de Montmartre.