The Best Live Music Bars in Paris

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Paris is a city of marvels and art lovers. Hence, there is no dearth in energetic bars overflowing with the music of all genres. You can easily visit some of these during your Paris tours and have your share of fun. Below are a few bars that conduct live music shows in Paris.


l’International was the first place in Paris that hosted new musical acts. The place usually conducts two or three sets every evening. The programs include French singers, electro, pop, hip-hop, rock, and folk. The best thing is that the shows are free to visitors. Situated near Rue Oberkampf, l’International is a fun gig bar to visit on your Paris tours.

Pop In

Considered as the center of Indie pop in Paris, this place is like a miniature London amidst Rue Amelot. This place is a favorite among the young generation for the possibility of great music and drinks. The bar plays popular tracks from Indie pop as well as the Beatles. The first floor houses a British Salon with a piano, and there are enough sofas here to relax sipping beers.

Les Trois Baudets

Les Trois Baudets is housed in a gigantic Art Deco building that has several glass facades. The building has an underground concert hall that can accommodate 250 people at once. The floor above this hall is the bar cum restaurant. If you are looking to explore the latest trends of French music, this is the place to be on your Paris tours. Different genres such as electro, popular song, rap, and rock can be experienced here; they also conduct occasional electro nights as well as hip-hop nights.

l’Espace B

Located close to the Parc de la Villette, l’Espace B is a bar with an Italian restaurant as well as a concert hall. The warm welcome at the bar is followed by a spacey room filled with surprises. They prioritize French and international acts while ensuring that the performers are of a certain standard. Hence, even the performances of the newcomers do not disappoint here.

Le Motel

Located nearby the famous Bastille fortress in Paris, this is a great place for hip-hop, electro, and pop-rock lovers. You can settle yourself down at one of the secondhand sofas here as the DJs start playing electrifying sets. The weekends usually see a packed bar. For a change, they conduct a quiz on pop music on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and alternating Sundays.