Some of the Best Tours of Paris

Paris Tours

Paris Tourist Attractions

Paris is indeed a dream city for any traveler. The sights that it has to offer are endless. It is a guarantee that it will mesmerize all your senses with the millions of delights it has in store for you. However, it is not a good idea to wander around the city without direction, because you may not end up seeing all the places that you have to. This is why dedicated Paris tours are a great way to see the city properly.

From world-renowned museums to experiencing the lively culture of Paris, there is a lot to see and do here. That is why, there are different types of tours available to tourists who want to make the most of their trip to the City of Lights. You can take one of the following tours to ensure that you cover all those specific genre of places completely.

Gourmet French Food Walking Tour

Paris is a paradise for food lovers. It has a large number of places that have an excellent collection of wine, calorific cheese, and pastries. Note that it will be better if you have someone who knows the place well and is able to take you to the best places in town where these items are served. Sign up for a gourmet French food walking tour and savor the delicacies that Paris has to offer.

Paris Shopping Tour

Under the Paris shopping tour, an expert in style and fashion will take you through the top shopping locations in the city. Besides, you can also get a deep insight into the sartorial history of the place. If you choose this tour, make sure you gear up for a busy day in the Parisian streets.

Coco Chanel Tour

In this devoted tour, you will learn and explore the whereabouts of a famous Parisians and fashion designer Coco Chanel. You will have the opportunity to visit the Place Vendôme, which used to be the workplace of Madame Chanel. The place is also known for its boutiques and fashion houses.

Ballon De Paris

It is a pleasure to watch the cosmopolitan city from the skies to watch the city life go by in minute proportions. Ballon de Paris is a gigantic hot-air balloon that takes off from André Citroën Park located in the 15th arrondissement. Yet note that Paris tours in balloon could be canceled in wake of adverse weather.