Secret Food Tour to Explore Le Marais

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It is a well-known fact that France is been known all over the world for its own traditional cuisines that every outsider enjoys to the fullest. Le Marais is in the neighborhood of the French capital, which offers you a special atmosphere for you to enjoy the medieval beauty of the French capital. Taking a food tour with a Paris tour guide can help you to explore various French culinary delights that can tingle your taste buds. Local guides can take you to boulangerie which is a place where you can get to know and explore the classic French dishes like baguettes and bread.

You can then head to the oldest covered market in the French capital if you are someone who is fond of trying white wines and French cheeses. You can also drop into a French restaurant on the way to sense some delicious flavors while eating a french pie or a roque Monsieur.

It is always best to choose a guide who is a Parisian, as a local guide will be able to take you to all of the typical French brasseries and introduce you to popular French dishes like a French coffee or a French croissant. Your food tour will mostly include stops at one of the famous boulangeries from where you can explore the tastes of French baguettes and bread.

The best choice then is to plan and go forward to visiting the oldest cover market of the French capital. The place is well known and is recommended to all the travelers by the local Parisians for many varieties of delicious French cheeses and white wine they will be able to taste from there. The place is also known for the best macrons and French chocolates. You can also get to explore the taste of some delicious street dishes too from this place. The traditional French food such as the cured sausages, French cheese, French pastries, hams croissant bread, etc can also be bought from the street.

Food tasting and wine tasting are allowed in all of the places. Hotel pick-ups and drop-offs are not provided in any of these places. Most of the major food tours in the Le Marais are led by a local Parisian guide, and the tour is a perfect choice for everyone including all ages. Small group tours also can be seen here to explore the French culinary.