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Vermeer Show at the Louvre Attracts Thousands of Visitors

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Vermeer show, which started on February 22, at the Louvre museum, is attracting thousands of visitors to the museum. It is reported that the show is a blockbuster and has led to long queues of ticket holders waiting to attend the show. The situation became normal after three weeks and the website of the museum is rescheduled now. This has decreased the waiting time to less than an hour. In addition, the number of staffs is also increased now to tackle the rush.

The current Vermeer exhibition is the first blockbuster show that is taking place in the Louvre in many years. The Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting are meant to offer a revival at the Louvre museum, as it saw a drop in attendance of more than fifteen percent after the 2015 terrorist attack in Paris. Twelve of the paintings of Vermeer are on loan from Europe and America.

The show started on 22 February but the museum was not ready for the flood of crowds that came to see the show. It is reported that about 9,500 visitors came on the first day of the show and 40,000 within the first week. There were long queues of frustrated visitors in front of the hall that has a capacity to hold just 250 to 300 people. The demand for the tickets was very high that the online ticket reservation system of the museum crashed and a new site was launched to address the situation.

Visitors need to reserve a time to enter the exhibition, but this can be done only after buying a ticket. This proved to be problematic for many visitors who were from outside Paris. Some of the visitors were unable to get in even after paying for the tickets and waiting in the queue for hours. Visitors who were on Louvre guided tour were also unable to see the exhibition comfortably.

Once inside, you can see the works by Vermeer displayed among seventy genre scenes from Dutch Golden Age. The exhibits are organized by detailed categories like love letters, musical instruments, parrots, visits etc. “We should be happy to see that crowds can also show up for an Old Masters exhibition, and not just for contemporary shows,” said a museum spokeswoman. The Louvre museum authorities have promised to reduce the wait time to just forty-five minutes.