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Planning a pleasure trip to Paris? Then having some basic information will help you to enhance your experience in this great city. Paris, one of the most visited cities in the world, is the political as well as cultural capital of France. The city boasts a rich cultural and political history along with a wealthy and vibrant economy. Paris is full of fascinating tourist attractions that bring a large number of tourists to this city every year.

If you are planning to visit Paris, then getting familiar with what this city has to offer will help you to get a complete experience out of your trip. In this article, we are dealing with some basic information about this wonderful city that will help you to plan your Paris tours.

Best Time to Visit: The city has its charm all around the year. But the seasons that attract more tourists are the spring and summer seasons, which roughly ranges from April to October. The spring blossoms will emerge in this place in April and May, which makes it a wonderful experience to take a stroll through the parks or to go on a day trip or picnic. There will be many free events and outdoor festivals during the summer season, which makes Paris tours more appealing and budget-friendly.

But the flight and accommodation charges will be high during this period because of the large number of tourists visiting this city during this time of the year. Those who cannot afford such high rates can visit during the offseason where there will be a less number of tourists, and flight and accommodation charges will be cheaper.

Language: French is the official language of this city. Even though many locals speak English as well, it will help you to impress Parisians if you know some basic words in French. Before you go on your Paris tours try to learn some polite expressions and words in French.

Currency: Euro is the official currency of Paris. Having some Euros in your pocket might come handy to you while visiting some local stores or cafes.

Transportation System: Paris has an excellent public transportation system throughout the city. The easiest way to travel around Paris is by using the underground Metro system. There are also many buses which will take you to different parts of the city. Using public transportation system is a budget-friendly way to explore various parts of the town.