Paris Sightseeing is a Kiddy Activity

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Paris Tour Guide

Paris Tour Activities

There are plenty of kiddy tourist destinations in Paris to visit. From Disneyland to places that offer treasure troves, kids stay put at the center once a tour gets going, alongside the Paris tour guide. Below are some places that you can take your kids for a great time.

Disneyland Paris Opens at 10 AM

If you can suspend disbelief, the Disneyland is certainly a magical place to visit. The main reason people go to Disneyland is the fun experience. Gates to Disneyland opens at 10 in the morning, that is when cues shorten somewhat. Your kids would love it when they get inside the roller coaster ride in Disneyland Paris.

Older Kids Stay Nonchalant to Scares

This is where a Paris tour guide plays a relative part: Managing 5-year-old frights. When inside the Catacombs, everyone tends to get a scare out of the tunnels. Older kids may stay casual though, for they get inclined to silences even in a tunnel. Another cemetery in Paris is the Cimetière du Père Lachaise, which won’t take much channeling, even for kids.

Museum & Arts for Kids

Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle is home to a children gallery, better pronounced Galerie des Enfants. Most of the museums run occasional workshops for the kids and teens inside a special studio. To engage kids, touring parents would have to think out of the box. These are examples of sightseeing locations where tourists find entertainment.

Carnets at Paris Metro

Metro stations in Paris are at an arm’s stretch if you happen to live in a nearby French arrondissement. Once inside the metro, be prepared to take the escalators and remember to leave the trolley at the hotel. The kids carnet appreciate luggage too.

Free Amusement at Western Paris

The Jardin du Luxembourg has playgrounds and free rides, sailboards that bob on the pond. The Parc Floral de Paris has concerts and upscale climbs, the flying fox. An amusement park may be rare to find, but Jardin d’Acclimatation has the perfect stage for movie and arts. There is certainly fun to be had at the western side of Paris, the far side of Disneyland.