Important Parisian Landmarks That Cannot Be Photographed

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Paris is one of the most beautiful places in the world that almost every traveler would want to venture at least once in their lifetime. Needless to say, there will be hardly any spot in this magical city that you do not feel to photograph, especially when it comes to the popular landmarks here. Sadly, you cannot photograph every beautiful spot in Paris without the consent of the concerned authorities. This is really crucial if you are taking photos for commercial purposes. You will need to get permission from the appropriate authorities regarding taking pictures of their property, sharing it on social media sites, and for using it for business purposes. Note that you will have to probably pay a good amount for this depending upon your purpose of taking photos.

Usually, the exteriors of almost every landmark in Paris are allowed to be photographed for free and you can share it on your social media accounts as well. Yet there are some exceptions to that as well, so it will be better to do a good research regarding the same or take suggestions from your Paris tour guide. Below are some of the proper etiquettes that you ought to follow when it comes to clicking photos of Parisian landmarks.

The Eiffel Tower

Obviously, there will be hardly anyone, who can resist them from clicking the pictures of the iconic Eiffel Tower, especially when it is illuminated at nighttime. However, it is forbidden to capture this spectacular beauty at night and share it on social media sites without the consent of the designer. In case someone shared such images, they will be fined heavily depending on their purpose of sharing the images.

The Louvre Museum

Another popular landmark in the Paris city, which is regarded as the epitome of beauty, is the Louvre Museum. Here, every single spot both inside and outside the gallery is so appealing that you can barely stop yourself from photographing it. You can click photos at the Louvre as long as the center of attraction in your image is not the building. However, you are not allowed to use those images for any commercial purposes.

The Notre Dame Cathedral

The sight of Notre Dame Cathedral is really out of this world and you can shoot the exterior of this amazing beauty without any issues. However, it is forbidden to click the interior images of the cathedral without proper permission from the authorities. In order to get the authorization, you may probably have to pay around 50 Euros in addition to your tour charge. Note that this amount may change depending on your tour package, company, and some other aspects.