Great Things to do in Paris during Winter

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There are numerous things to do in the city of lights during the time of winter, which is often considered as the most thrilling season due to the cold weather. The excitement for tourists who mostly would be with a Paris tour guide is often very contagious which makes you look for adventures in the city.

Here are some suggestions about fun things to do in Paris if you are there during the winter season on your own, or with friends or family.

Go Ice-Skating in Paris

This is one of the most fun-filled physical activities that are often recommended for tourists while they are in Paris for winter. The Grand Palais des Glaces is a place that gives tourists a chance to have a wonderful time in the ice for some weeks during winter. You will have to check the dates before visiting the place as they offer skating for only a few weeks during winter. The place helps you to be more physically active as there are DJs for playing jams during skating.

Trocadero is another choice for skating in Paris which is cheaper than Grand Palais des Glaces and is right in the view of the Eiffel Tower.

Explore the Le Marché de Noël in Paris

Winter is a time that comes with more perks that can be enjoyed in Paris, one among them is the Le Marché de Noël market, which takes place all over Paris. The market brings merchants with many kinds of different goodies like hand-knitted gloves and hats, jewelry pieces, glass made decors and ornaments, food and drinks, etc.

Explore the Winter Sales in Paris 

In Paris, winter is regarded as a season for spreading as much love as possible. Several winter sales take place in the city other than the Le Marché de Noël and most of them take place at the Galeries Lafayette. This can also be a good leisure time if you are in Paris with your children.

The sales during the winter season are great options if you are having a budget for getting gifts for your friends and family.

Try the Famous Aligot and Hot Cocoa

The cold weather during winter makes you try a lot of food and drink a lot of beverages. Aligot (a traditional seasonal dish) and Hot Cocoa are the most famous recommendations for tourists by the local Parisians. Most cafes in Paris have space for you to read or work at your convenience while you are on Paris tours.