Fun Things to Do in the French Capital at Night

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Paris is one of the most enchanting cities in the world that any traveler would yearn to visit. The amazing natural landscape, architectural aesthetics, high-end designer boutiques, treasured museums, etc., in the city, make it a magical land. No wonder, the number of visitor flocking to the French capital is skyrocketing with every passing day.

Do you know, Paris is even more beautiful at night? The sight of the French capital entirely illuminated with lights is actually the true symbolism of City of Lights. Besides, you can stroll along the street of Paris at your own pace, since the city will be less crowded at night. Below are some of the fun activities that you can do in Paris at nighttime. You can take suggestions from your Paris tour guide as well.

Take A Romantic Stroll along the Seine River

Paris is regarded as one of the most romantic places all over the world. Hence, most couples choose Paris as their honeymoon destination in order to rekindle their romance. What will be a better option that sauntering alongside the picturesque Seine River at night holding hands of your better half? On your moonlit walk, you can see many iconic highlights in the city, such as Notre Dame, Les Invalides, etc., that are beautifully decorated using LED lights. Many couples claim that it is hard to stop yourself from falling in love with the city as well as your partner after such a night stroll.

If you are too tired for a night stroll after traveling around the city during the daytime, you can opt for a night cruise. This way, you will be able to enjoy the same panorama floating over the river relishing your favorite cocktail. However, taking a dinner cruise will be a bit expensive and will not be a good option for the travelers who are on a limited budget.

Explore Musée du Louvre at Night

You will be amazed to know that you can explore some of the national monuments as well in the night. One of the best options that you can opt to visit at night is the iconic Louvre Museum. You will surely be mesmerized by the sight of the glass pyramids twinkling under the starry sky. Another upside is that the Louvre will be less crowded at nighttime. Hence, you can contemplate on your favorite masterpieces at your own pace.

Besides the glass pyramids, the architecture and sculptures of the Louvre Museum will be extremely beautiful under the moonlight. You can also hear many musicians practicing songs here at night; this makes it a romantic option for all the couples out there. However, the museum will be crowded even at nighttime during the peak seasons. Hence, it is recommended to consider your Paris sightseeing tours during the offseason in order to enjoy the whole spectacle to the fullest. The museum will be open up to 09:45 pm at night on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Check Out the Parisian Cabarets

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Another exciting thing that you can do at night in the Paris city is enjoy the Parisian cabarets. Most people have a misconception watching Parisian cabarets is old school. Yet actually, these amazing dance companies are fun and entertaining. In fact, this is one of the most integral parts of the nightlife in the French capital. You can see many beautiful and crazy girls dancing, juggling, and singing on a large platform wearing traditional can-can ensemble.

Another advantage of choosing to watch a cabaret performance is that most of the cabaret tickets entail the option for a glass of champagne and dinner. Hence, you will be covered for the night. Some of the most popular cabaret choices in the French capital include the Moulin Rouge, Lido, and the Paradis Latin Cabaret Show.

Savor your Favorite Drinks at the Rooftop Bars

If you are more of an indoor person, one of the best things that you can do at Paris during the nighttime is enjoy your favorite glass of wine at any of the rooftop bars here. Most of these bars offer some of the best wine tasting experiences. If you prefer, you can seek the guidance of an expert sommelier as well, although only a few rooftop restaurants in Paris employ sommeliers. There are many bistros too in Paris, which offer you a professional wine tasting experience. Apart from this, you will also get a chance to enjoy the panoramic view of the city from the top of such bars.

There are both luxurious and affordable rooftop bar options available in the City of Lights. Hence, you will not have to be worried about your budget constraints. Relaxing at these bars will be a great way to wash off all your tiredness of a busy day. Here, you can choose either to simply gaze along the starry sky or dance all night long. However, you will have to book your tables beforehand since most of the rooftop bars in Paris tend to fill up soon at night.