Food Ordering Mistakes to Avoid on your Paris Tours

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Paris has a great culinary culture to flaunt. The authentic French dishes and wine are something that can pamper each and every taste bud of a person. In fact, most visitors in the French capital often include a wine tasting tour in their tour itinerary. In such tours, veteran sommeliers will teach you how to sample wine, mix it, and sip it. Furthermore, the palatial restaurants in the City of Lights will be a visual delight to every architecture buff. Most people on their maiden Paris tour are likely to do some blunder when it comes to ordering their food.

How to Order at Parisian Restaurants

Note that there is a certain code of conduct that you must follow when you order food at any Parisian restaurant. Actually, following those untold but important rules are really important in order to enjoy the culinary culture of the city to the fullest. However, most first-timers will not be familiar with such etiquette and may end up making some mistakes. Some of those mistakes that you must avoid while ordering food on your Paris tours are given below.

Buying Bottled Water

One of the costliest mistakes that you are likely to make when in the French capital is to order bottled water. Note that you can ask for tap water at any French restaurant since the bistros here are abound to the law to serve tap water to the customers on request. To order tap water along with your meals, you must ask for ‘une carafe d’eau’ and if you prefer to have tap water along with your coffee at some café, you must ask for ‘un verre d’eau du robinet’. However, the tap water in Paris is highly rich in mineral content and hence, the taste will be different. So, those who cannot handle its flavor or those who always drink sparkling water can go for the bottled ones.

Sitting at a Set Table

Tourists sometimes go to majestic Parisian bistros and cafes just to enjoy its architectural aesthetics as well as to savor some coffee or any other beverages. Usually, you can see some vacant tables as well as the ones that are set with crystal glasses and silverware, floral centerpiece, bottled water, candelabras, etc., as you step into a restaurant or café in Paris. If you are here just to kill your time or to have a cup of coffee, it is recommended to avoid sitting at the set tables since it is meant for the customers who come to eat. Furthermore, the price of your drinks will be comparatively more if you opt to sit and enjoy it at the set tables, in some of the French restaurants.