Festivals in Paris that Attracts Tourists

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Paris Tourist Attractions

Paris is a city that bursts with energy and is also known for its great culture and wonderful traditions. The city hosts a lot of festivals that attracts the tourists from all over the world. There will be a lot of festivals that focuses on music, food, culture, movies etc. These festivals will be a great experience during your Paris tours. If you are visiting Paris sooner or later, then schedule your dates based on them. You will definitely have a fantastic time in Paris during these festivals. Following are some festivals that might interest you to schedule your next Paris trip.

Banlieues Bleues

This is a jazz music festival which is held in Seine-Saint-Denis. The festival has a history of 30 years and will be held from March to April. This is one of the best times to visit Paris, as this wonderful music festival will make your time inexplicable.

Gay Pride March

This festival takes place in June, in which a large number of people who are same-sex lovers will march in to the streets of Paris. The event is energetic, electric, and really colorful. You can see hordes of people on the streets with flamboyant costumes during this event.

Marathon de Paris

This is one of the picturesque marathons that take place in the world. Many people flock around this place to watch this festival and to cheer the runners which takes place in April. If you want to become one of the 35,000 runners, then you should apply in advance.

Le Tour de France

This is one of the popular events in this place. It is a long-distance bicycling event which extends to 3,500 kilometers. Many people will be there at the finishing point to see the winner passing through the finishing line on the Champs-Elysées. This festival takes place in July.

Rock en Seine

This rock music festival will be held at Château de Saint-Cloud. The event is a great opportunity for music lovers to enjoy the new and innovative rock music. This prestigious three day music festival will be held during the summer season and has become a great attraction of Paris since its first edition.

If you want to experience Paris when it is bustling with energy and enthusiasm, then visit during the time of these festivals. These are wonderful events where you can see Paris with all its glory and full of action. So plan your Paris tours accordingly to see these fantastic festivals which will make your trip a great one.