Exploring the Capital City of France with Elderly Parents

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Paris city offers plenty of attractions for everyone irrespective of your gender and age. Hence, planning your Paris tours with your elderly parents will always be a suitable option. However, this kind of trips will be equally exciting and challenging at the same time. Note that there will be many limitations, which elderly people face when it comes to traveling. So, it is better to do good planning in order to make the trip easier, comfortable, and entertaining for both you and your parents. Below are some of those useful tips that you may consider if you intend to travel around Paris city with your elderly.

Avoid Stairs

The first thing that you may do when you plan your Paris tours will be to book your accommodation. Make sure that the hotel that you choose has elevators, since aged people will not be able to climb up the stairs. You may assume that every hotel will have an elevator service in modern time. However, many budget hotels in the French capital do not have elevators because most of those buildings would be really old. Furthermore, some hotels and apartments that do have elevators will not necessarily offer service up to the top floors. So, inquire about all such details prior to booking your room.

Always Book your Louvre Museum Tickets Beforehand

There will be hardly a person who does not opt for a private Louvre museum tour when in Paris. The main thing that you must consider here is to book your online tickets beforehand so that you can skip the long and tiring queues. Note that the line at the Louvre Museum will be really long that it can even tire out an energetic adult; let alone the case of an elderly tourist. Hence, this point is really significant. Furthermore, try to venture the museum during the lunchtime or night in order to tackle the tourist mayhem here.

Avoid the Metro

Traveling around Paris city by means of the metro service will be one of the most comfortable and feasible options. Nevertheless, this will not be a great choice if you are in the city with your elderly parents since it will be hard for them to hop in and off the metro trains fast. Plus, it is not necessary that every metro station has a lift. As an alternative, you may choose local buses because it will be less crowded during the daytime and there will be plenty of seats for them to sit comfortably. In case you have a flexible budget, you can consider taxis for your transportation. However, the number of places you get to see when traveling in cabs will be less. Still, it will be worth the sacrifice.