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Paris boasts lodging options for all kind of travelers; be it budget-friendly, luxurious, stylish, vintage, and whatnot. Needless to mention, most millennial travelers tend to opt for chic or boutique hotels when in the City of Lights. Ideally, small and stylish and overloaded with charm, the stay in a boutique Parisian hotel will surely give you an experience that no other hotels can provide. If you are also looking forward to booking your stay in such a designer hotel, below are two of the best options that you may consider.


MaisonSouquet is a five-star lodging option and will be expensive. However, the special characters and unusual attractions at this hotel are worth it. Note that the design of this chic hotel is inspired by an eclectic mix of eras, especially the Napoleon III and Arabian style. As you enter this spectacular refuge, you are most likely to be amazed by the wood-paneled bar library that is decorated using masterpiece paintings and this infuses an enchanting and magical aura to the entire place. In simple words, you are likely to experience walking into another world as you enter this grand abode.

Located in 10 Rue de Bruxelles, MaisonSouquet is just a stone’s throw away from the popular Moulin Rouge in Montmartre. The venue has evidently emphasized on luxurious features to attract every visitor. You can find huge mirrors, velvet-covered furniture, grand chandeliers, etc., in abundance at this hotel. Without any doubts, all this setting is perfect to stage a romantic date. Unsurprisingly, the hotel has been awarded the top hotel in the world for romance last year. All these unique elements make MaisonSouquet stand out from the rest of the Parisian boutique hotels. The amenities that you can expect at this hotel include a bar, free Wi-Fi, spa, swimming pool, childcare, airport transfers, etc.

Hotel Providence

Exploring this outstanding hotel will be a great choice for every art lovers out there. Note that every nook and cranny of Hotel Providence reflects charm and aura. In other words, this hotel can be defined as every photographer’s dream.  This sophisticated refuge is located in the 10th arrondissement and features 18 rooms. Note that no room in this building looks alike since each room is individually decorated using rich and colorful fabrics, ornate vintage furniture pieces, distinctive patterns, etc.

However, every room in Hotel Providence will give you a thorough insight into the old Parisian charm. This very vintage appeal is even enhanced perfectly and seamlessly by blending it with millennial lifestyle amenities such as cocktail bar, IMac, free Wi-Fi, rooftop bar and restaurant, a sumptuous lounge with a fireplace, and whatnot.