Best Things to Do in the Second Arrondissement of Paris

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The second arrondissement or district of Paris, which is located near the center of the city, harbors noteworthy attractions that you should not miss while you are going on Paris tours with your friends or family members. The edgy boutiques, elegant old covered passages, and the stunning buildings in the second district of Paris will allow you to explore the history, culture, and tradition of Parisians.

If you are a person who loves to enjoy a different kind of experience while you are visiting Paris, then you should head straight to Paris’ second district. The quite district, which is away from the busy and crowded tourist attractions in the city, is the ideal destination for couples and solo travelers. Below are some of the best things you can do in the second arrondissement of Paris.

The Palais Brongniart

Several tourists who are visiting the Palais Brongniart of Paris are not aware of the fact that it used to be the stock exchange in the City of Lights. The construction of Palais Brongniart, which was ordered by Napoléon Bonaparte, was designed by the famous architect Alexandre Théodore Brongniart. This historical monument is currently used a congress center at the present and a number of events such as fashion shows, conventions, and product launching are also hosted here.

The Rue Etienne Marcel

The Rue Etienne Marcel in the second district of Paris is the ideal spot for the ones who love to shop. You can find a number of stores and shops if you take a stroll through the elegant streets of this Parisian district. Some of the best stores in Paris’ Rue Etienne Marcel are The Kooples, Replay, Diesel, Comptoir des Cotonnier, and Les Temps des Cerises. Tourists who are visiting the Rue Etienne Marcel will be able to see that the place is filled with fashionistas and street style bloggers.

Place des Victoires

One of the hidden gems in the City of Lights, Place des Victoires, is located at the end of the Rue Etienne Marcel. The word Place des Victoires can be translated as “Victories Square” in English. This royal square in the City of Lights is dedicated to the military victories of the French king, Louis the 14th, who was popularly known as the Sun-King. Tourists who are visiting this place are not aware of the fact that the elegant apartments and stunning buildings in this district are worth millions.