Best Things to Do in the French Capital When it Rains

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Paris is one of the most mesmerizing cities in the world that anyone would yearn to visit. The enchanting natural beauty of the French capital beautified with colorful blooms, pink poodles, beautiful architectures glistening in the sunlight, etc., is truly astonishing. However, you cannot expect sunshine and vibrant ambiance in Paris all the time. When monsoon hits, the whole scenario will be something different; but the City of Lights stays always beautiful.

There are many stunning rainy day activities that you can do in Paris such as visiting niche museums, enjoying hot coffee, and many more. It is better to rely on your Paris tour guide for better options according to your itinerary. Nevertheless, a list of things that you can see and do in Paris in order to enjoy the rainy weather is given below.

Explore the Covered Passages in the French Capital

There are many covered passages in the city, which are ideal to explore during rainy days in order to see it in its utmost glory. Most of the buildings here are constructed during the 19th Century and beautifully displays the true Belle Époque Paris. The cobblestoned pathways, shops signs made of wrought irons, quiet passages, and all, are sure to make the passage an eye-candy. It will be really delightful to see water dripping from the trees lining the street and over the window panes and glass doors. If you are lucky, you can enjoy a magical sight of colorful rainbows as well in the backdrop of these streets.

A Relaxing Turkish Bath

Nothing can beat the luxury of taking a hot bath on a rainy day. There are many spas in the French capital that embraces the tradition of dreamy hot baths, especially Turkish baths that are commonly known as hammams. A Turkish bath is ideal to wipe off all your tiredness and exhaustion as it comes with a full body scrub. After taking this steam bath, you can feel your skin unbelievably soft and exfoliated, and a relaxed body and soul as well. One of the most famous hammams at Paris is at the Grande Mosquee De Paris.

Haunted House Experience

If you like to add some spookiness to your trip, you can walk through the haunted house in Paris. Manoir de Paris at the Leper Colony or Old Prison in Paris is the best place to turn all your eeriest instincts on. Along with an escape from rainy weather, it is a great fun as well. If there are thunder and lightning, the whole experience will be something different. There are many attractions in the Manoir as well, that are sure to bring back all the scariest legends to life such as the bloody bakery, the man in the iron mask, the phantom of the opera, the beast of the sewers, etc.