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Paris has a lot to offer for its visitors, from its monuments, gothic churches, museums, medieval buildings, etc. to many other wonderful structures and beautiful landscapes. It is a heaven for tourists as it offers a wide range of activities for them to indulge in. This is one of the romantic cities in the world that you will never get enough of. With its rich history and culture, it never fails to attract tourists from all over the world.

Paris is a city that closely follows the trends in the fashion industry. This makes Paris one of the best shopping destinations in the world. From trendy bags and classy shoes to elegant dresses and gorgeous accessories, this place will leave you mesmerized with its wide range of collections. This is a paradise for shopaholics. Your Paris tour guide may not include these famous shopping destinations of Paris; therefore, we list some popular locations for you to shop to your heart’s content.

Boulevard Saint Germain

Situated in the heart of St-Germain des Présalong the 7th arrondissement, Boulevard Saint Germain creates a wonderful shopping destination for locals and tourists alike. It has a wide range of shops that sell different varieties of items.

The shops here include home décor shops, gourmet food stores, fashion boutiques, etc. You can wander around the shops while enjoying the beauty of the river Seine and purchasing the items you want. Even if you are visiting in the summer, the stunning Parisian buildings and lush green trees make your experience more wonderful.

Les Halles

Les Halles, which was originally a fruit market has now become a multi-level underground shopping center through years of transformations.This spot is now the favorite hub for all the fashion lovers. If you are searching for an authentic Parisian style, this is the perfect destination for you. There are a lot of trendy shops and small boutiques scattered around here that will provide you a fantastic shopping experience. When you feel exhausted after your shopping spree, sit and relax at one of the open-air cafes that this center holds.

Rue Du Commerce

This is a stunning shopping street that has a lot of stores from popular brands to many small boutiques. The wide array of shops on this street can make you overwhelmed. If you want to get some rest in the middle of your shopping voyage, you can choose to relax and have some coffee and snacks in any of the bakeries and cafes that are situated here. If you want to take back home some of the latest trends in this city, you should definitely include Rue du Commerce in your Paris tour guide.

Le Marais

Le Marais that is situated in the 3rd and 4th arrondissement is a lively neighbourhood for indulging in shopping. You can spot a lot of vintage shops, trendy boutiques and classic restaurants that remain as top attractions of this shopping destination. Another specialty of this spot is that it will be open on all days of the week including Sunday, when all the other shops will be closed.

Triangle D’or

Situated in the 8th arrondissement, Triangle D’or features a lot of shops including top-notch fashion brands such as Dior & Chanel and other haute couture shops, and a lot of boutiques from many famous designers that is promised to amaze its visitors. You can purchase designer jewelry, linens, perfumes, bags, etc., from world-famous brands here.

Rue De Rivoli

Situated along the famous Louvre Museum and stunning Tuileries Gardens, the Rivoli Street has become one of the best places for shopping in Paris. Hence, you can come to this place easily after your Louvre tours.

It will be difficult for you to visit the entire area, as it houses an enormous number of shops and stores. Hence, make sure that you follow the Paris tour guide for shopping to find the right stores that you want to visit. If you have enough time, just wander around different shops and explore the wide range of items they sell.

Boulevard Haussmann

Boulevard Haussmann is situated in the heart of the city and it contains all the best shops in Paris. The famous shops that this shopping street house includes the popular Galeries Lafayette to the famous Printemps department store. You can find all the high-end stores at this place. This is definitely the best place to visit if you have fashion, cosmetics, home décor, etc. in your mind.

Saint-Ouen Flea Market

This is the oldest and largest shopping destination in Paris. You can buy anything here ranging from vintage clothes to antique furniture, without having to bother about the price tags. This is a wonderful place where you can shop for different items at affordable prices.

Avenue Des Champs Elysées

Listed amongst the popular shopping areas in Paris, this is a place you should not miss on your Paris tours. The place looks mesmerizing when it is illuminated with hundreds of lights in the night. This is the perfect destination for you if you are seeking for a complete Parisian shopping experience.