Best Places for Movie Lovers in Paris

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Paris, owing to its numerous attractive locations and proud architectural leanings, has been a location for the shoots of several films. Hardcore movie buffs would recognize several corners of Paris that have appeared in the movies. Below is a list of locations you can visit after your Louvre Tours, including ones that have been immortalized by famous movies down the years.

The Pont Bir Hakeim Aka The ‘Inception Bridge’

The Pont Bir Hakeim rose to the heights of fame thanks to the Christopher Nolan Thriller, “Inception”. The columns of the bridge are portrayed in a very interesting manner in the film. The bridge is shown as a mirror image which one relates to the illusion of infinity. The bridge is a part of a sequence where Leonardo Di Caprio and Ellen Page supposedly alter the “reality” in their dreams. Furthermore, the place is also featured in the initial shots of the movie, “Last Tango in Paris”.

The Shakespeare And Co. Bookshop

This vintage bookstore has been made famous by the filming of “Before Sunset”, a famous romantic movie. This is a quaint bookstore that sells English books only. It has been a major attraction to readers and travelers alike, for the sheer vintage feel that it arouses. In the film, the protagonist has a book signing ceremony. Apart from this, another famous movie, “Midnight in Paris” was also filmed at this very bookstore.


This place has been glorified by the romantic story where Audrey Tautou plays Amélie Poulain. In the movie, Amelie’s place of work is the Café des Deux Moulins. The grocery store, as well as the apartment where they stay in the film, are also around the corner in Montmartre.

Saint Sulpice

The Saint Sulpice may be the second largest church in Paris after the famous Notre Dame, However, it was not until the church was featured in the movie “Da Vinci Code” that the place shot to the pinnacle of fame. Made out of the compelling thriller written by Dan Brown, it was one of the most controversial movies of all time. The 12th-century film has an important role to play in the film as it is depicted as the place through which the Rose Line passes, and the Keystone’s residing place. Note that the president of the church is not a big fan of the film, so keep quiet about it if he is ever within earshot.