Bars and Cafes in Paris Only the Locals Know about

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Paris is a city that has many restaurants and cafes of different kinds. The rooftop terraces of some cafes are very famous and are ideal places for the tourists to hang out. However, there are certain peculiar and unusual bars and cafes in Paris which are usually unknown to the tourists. They are the ones which are mostly visited by the locals of the area. These cafes and bars have some special alluring features which make them unique and different from the other bars and cafes in the city.

Here are some of those eccentric bars and cafes in Paris which you might add to your itinerary for Paris city tours.

Andy Wahloo

This is the place where you can find the drinks terrace of your dreams. It will be an unforgettable experience if you choose to be here. The place has a beautiful courtyard lined with trees. It is located on the edge of Le Marais, and there is a high chance for you to doubt if you are in the right place. However, once you make your way into the leafy courtyard, you will be feeling thankful for reaching there.

The interior decoration is captivating. It is done in the 1970s Morocco style with the oriental touches. If you make your visit in the evening, you can have a cocktail or wine while the DJ performs on the side.

Tuck Shop

It is a vegetarian café where you can have healthy food. Three women of Australian origin manage it. The shop became famous in the neighborhood within a short time, and it is a main stop point for the locals. You can have freshly made soups, sandwiches, salads, and cakes here.

You will get an artistic feel while enjoying the beauty of the interior decoration. Wooden benches and Formica chairs are well arranged. The patterns on the tiled floor are amazing. There is also a coffee machine, which makes cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes. Soymilk is also available for vegetarians. The reasonable prices of the food items make them all the more desirable.

Le Café Noir

This is a café located in central Paris and has an international appeal. However, the place does not see the overcrowding of tourists like in some other famous restaurants and cafes. It is the perfect spot to hang out after a hectic day at work. You can get to see much of the young faces here. During the summer season, you can spend the night on the outdoor terrace, which has a special feel to itself.

Les Cariatides

It is a small bar found at the last point of the Bourg-l’Abbé Passage. The decoration is of a typical Parisian style, and you can find numerous flyers and posters here. The bar has a friendly feel always with the local people making their presence certain. The live music performance here is famous, and many music lovers come here to enjoy the performance. There is a cavern alongside the bar, where magic shows, concerts, and theatre performances will be held multiple times in a week. The concert offers free entry to visitors, and hence a crowd can be expected.

Rosa Bonheur

It is a bar situated atop a hill in beautiful natural settings. Trees in the ButtesChaumont Park surrounds the place, and this makes the place romantic. The place is most visited during the summer months when the local people come here to escape the heat of the day. Nature offers a very pleasant and lovable ambiance here that you will forget everything and soak yourself in the natural beauty.

You can choose to sit inside or outside according to your interest. On the outside, you can enjoy the beer garden atmosphere, while sitting on a bench munching your snacks. On the inside, you can relax seeing the beautiful panoramic view of the area.

Objectif Lune

This is the place where you can go for a drink if you are a person who does not give importance to the interior decoration of the bar. Though it lacks the interior decorations, the atmosphere here is excellent and gives a pleasant feel to the visitor. If you love to have chat and make friends with the locals, you may take a high seat in the bar. If you want to be alone and remain silent, choose to stay in the back.

Le Thé des Écrivains

This is a one of a kind location in the city. It is a location, which a book-loving person is sure to love. You can dream in the bookstore while having delicious lunch or tea. The decoration of the salon is impressive. There is a portrayal of the old factory-style along with the use of old furniture. The walls are adorned with books from the top to the bottom. The movie posters presented here can give a nostalgic feel to the cinema lovers.

Now that you know about these places, add them to your itinerary for Paris tours.