An Ultimate Guide to Visiting Arc De Triomphe

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The historic monument of Arc de Triomphe, built in 1836 by Napoleon I is often seen as the symbol of Paris in many of those references available to us. Situated at the far end of the majestic Champs-Élysées, this biggest arch in the world is that significant tower that talks of the history of French military over the victory in a war in its nuanced manner. Below are some useful guidelines for visiting this eventful icon of Parisian pomp.

How to Get There

Charles de Gaulle–Étoile is the metro station situated most adjacent to the Arc, where you can reach quite effortlessly even without depending a Paris tour guide. The lines to be relied upon to get to the monument are the RER Lines A and Lines 1, 2, and 6. One of the most crucial things to follow is that you are not supposed to cross the easiest way to the Arc.This underground walkway would lead you directly to the main entrance of Arc de Triomphe, which stretches from the Grand Armée or the Avenue Champs-Elysées.

Getting Tickets for the Visit

In most general cases, 12 Euros is the amount to be paid for getting tickets to the Arc de Triomphe. Visitors through online methods can get access to the e-tickets that help you to skip the long queues in front of the historic tower. By purchasing the entry tickets you can have the panoramic view of the French capital from the top of Place de l’étoile. It will be open from 10.00 am to 10.30 pm on every Saturdays and Sundays.

How to Skip the Lines to Entry

Being one of the most visited tourist spots of Paris, it is quite natural to find long human lines in front of the historic monument. Therefore, anyone who visits would obviously think of skipping the lines anyhow. However, when purchasing online tickets, you will get access to whizz the long queues. In all other cases, if you are running short of time, you may try skipping the idea of getting to the top of the tower.

Few Useful Tips for Visiting

European Citizens of age below 25 years can get free access to the tower on certain days of the year. Furthermore, visitors who own Paris Pass do not have to take an extra ticket for the entry to the rooftop of the Arc de Triomphe. The manual climbing to the top, instead of the elevator offers the advantage of viewing the artifacts and other histories of the Arch.