An Affordable Guide to Travel around the Opera District in Paris

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Paris is one of the most beautiful and biggest cities in Europe. It is to be noted that there are twenty remarkable neighborhoods in the French capital and each of these districts hold their own unique charm and ambiance. One of the fascinating districts in the capital city of France that you can explore on tour is the Opera neighborhood.

The Opera District

This quaint arrondissement is located between the chic rue St-Honoré, the top-notch department stores, and the Place Vendome. In fact, the Opera district is counted amongst the most attractive and high-end neighborhoods in Paris. Needless to say, budget travelers often opt out this because of the obvious reasons. Ideally, the Opera district that is crowned by the flamboyant Opera Garnier is left to the Chanel-seekers and other high-end rollers. However, you can travel around this luxurious district at cheap rates if you plan your trip strategically. Some of the amazing spots in the Opera district that every budget traveler can explore are listed below.

The Opera House

The staple of the Opera district is the Grand Opera House, which itself is a stunning exhibit. You will be amazed by the grandeur of this 19th century wonder even without watching a show here. There are many tour companies out there who offer a number of options. Even though most tour options may cost more than 10 Euros, it is not at all a steal since the sight you will get to see here is worth every penny you spent. Check out the opulent building that featured many world-class performances. Furthermore, the beauty of the antique chandeliers and other golden embellishments in the Grand Foyer still echo opulence that can even beat the beauty of Versailles.

Enjoy the Aerial View of the City

Just behind the extravagant Opera Theater, there is Galeries Lafayette that houses a number of high-end shops. After exploring the Opera House, you may walk to this shopping complex. Even though budget travelers cannot afford to buy stuff from this shopping arena, it is recommended to pass by the perfume section here which is beautified by an amazing stained glass cupola. After sampling the perfumes, climb up the stairs of this 19th-century high-end department store in order to enjoy a magnificent panorama of the city, free of cost. You can also take the escalators. However, the escalators will be pretty crowded almost all the time.