Amazing Cycling Routes In Paris to Explore

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Are you planning a trip to the capital city of France? If yes, you would be wondering about a number of factors such as the things to pack, ideal itinerary, transportation, budget, accommodation, and whatnot. Out of the most relevant and common factors that you may mull over will be your budget since all other factors depend on this.

One of the main areas where you can trim down your expenses is your mode of transportation. Of course, you cannot expect great discount deals on your flight tickets unless you book them at least three months before. The same thing applies to your accommodation in the French capital as well. When it comes to transportation within the city, you may think about a multitude of options such as buses, cabs, trains, trams, bikes, etc.

Cycling In Paris

Out of the above-mentioned options, one of the fastest and cheapest modes of transportation is metro trains. Most travelers tend to buy metro passes to manage their transportation expenses when in the French capital. However, you can save your expenses even more by renting a bicycle or bike. In fact, a majority of the locals here tend to commute using bikes.

Plus, this is a great way to see the city from a unique perspective. Besides, fitness freaks will not have to be sad thinking about the missed gym sessions. After all, cycling is one of the best exercises. When it comes to Paris, the city features a significant number of bike routes. Can you believe that the city has even introduced car-free districts? Below are some of the amazing routes that you may consider on your Paris private tour; just hop on your two-wheeler and go for a spin on any of the following routes.

Cycling Trails

The best route you may consider to enjoy the beauty of the classic Paris city to the fullest is alongside the Seine River. It is to be noted that most of the Parisian landmarks and many enchanting mansions can be seen when riding alongside the river. Most of the spots that you see on this ride are some of the favorite haunts of both visitors and Parisians.

Another route that you may consider is along the canals. This cycle trail is regarded as Parisians’ Paris since most locals tend to choose this way to dwell in the beauty of their hometown as well as for their daily commutation.  Some of the city highlights that you can enjoy on this route include Place de la Bastille, Opera Bastille, the Bastille market, Place de la Republique, Rue du Faubourg-du-Temple, Canal Saint-Martin, etc.