7 Best Mexican Restaurants near the Louvre

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Paris is easily on every foodie’s dream destination list, for the simple fact that it openly embraces a variety of different cuisines, and sets the stage for them to flourish and evolve. Mexican food is one of the things this society has adopted wholeheartedly, to the point that Mexican restaurants, taquerias, and food trucks have become fairly common. Following are some of the best Mexican restaurants to dine at after you are done with your Louvre tours.

Cantine California

A van set up by the famous chef Jordan Feilders, this establishment is a gourmet version of the kind of food that draws Parisians and tourists alike. You will need to stand in a line for half an hour, but the end at the end of that is sure worth it.

Mexi & Co

If you want some good Mexican fast food, this jovial joint is the perfect place to get it. The concise menu offers some top-notch starters and main courses, and the setting is plenty inviting for a social group.

Luz Verde

Here, the cuisine is simply finger-licking good. Located in the 9th arrondissement and run by some of the best names in the restaurant business, this place has had a passionate following ever since it first opened for business.

Distrito Francés

Here, you get to enjoy cocktails by the liter, affordable bottled beer, wines, tequila, and mescal, and traditional horchata, which is a rice-based drink to break up your high, if you end up needing that. The food, meanwhile, is nothing short of excellent – you can get cochinita pibil tacos, or simply guacamole with corn, or a variety of other common Mexican food prepared to perfection.


This small restaurant serves some of the best dishes in hearty portions, and actually ups the ante on traditional cooking with just that. Right around the corner in the 9th arrondissement you have the Folies Bergère.

Le Dépanneur Pigalle

If you have tired of Americanized fast food sold as ‘Mexican’ cuisine, you seriously need a taste of the food they serve at this place. Homemade tortillas, beef burger; you name it, and it is served here in supreme glory and authenticity.


Locals took a long time coming around to the Parisian branch of this chain when it first opened in Paris, but come around they did. While not exactly ‘gastronomic’, the fare here is delicious, and highly customizable.