6 Adventure-Sport Destinations to Visit in Paris

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Paris might be renowned for its romanticism and aesthetic beauty, but there are plenty of spots in the French capital city, that can quench the thirst of every kind of adventurer. Below are some of the best adventure sporting options that you can explore on your Paris tours.


Since there are no mountains in the vicinity of Paris, bouldering has become very popular among adventure enthusiasts. Bouldering is an ideal sport for beginners as it does not involve heights larger than 5 meters and has all the essential safety guidelines taken care of. Furthermore, it does not require a long list of equipment. Places like Fontainebleau and Murmur in Issy Les Moulineaux are the best places to go for a great bouldering experience.


Skateboarding is an excellent option if you want to enjoy the thrill of riding on the board. The City of Lights offers several destinations that offer classes to you regardless of your age. Paris Skate Culture, Skatepark Quai Jemmapes, and Skatepark de Bercy are the places to be if you want to take a dive into that. Equipment will be provided when you attend the classes here.


BMX is ideal for those of you who love your bicycle skills. At the Paris BMX club, you can find lessons by qualified professionals and polish your BMX skills. Various terrains such as the park, the streets, and the flats are available for training and practicing. So put your adventure boots on and visit the BMX club on your Paris tours.


Longboarding is an extended version of skateboarding, where you perform moves while riding on the platform. This variety is more accepted because it does not need a large space for performing; it just requires a flat floor. You can find weekly gatherings of the longboarding community on Tuesdays at Trocadero and Sundays beside the Seine River.

Free Fall Simulator

This adventure-sport at iFLY Paris gives you the feeling of jumping out of an airplane. You can experience the adrenaline rush of a free fall for an hour and a half – that is after a training session, of course. The apparatus is 14-metres high tube with a width of 4.3 meters. This place brilliantly recreates the sensation one would experience during a free fall.


Parkour is one of the most modern sports of today. It is a very innovative activity, which involves no equipment at all. It focuses on the acrobatic and athletic abilities of the performer and involves fun filled traversing of urban landscapes. Centr’ Halles Park is the ideal place to be if you are looking to nurture your Parkour skills.